Word and Excel document thumbnails

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I have a similar problem.

I recently bought office 2019, Opus can't display thumbnails of Word and Excel files, but Opus can display thumbnails of PowerPoint files. The same is true for Windows Explorer.

The plugin's configuration is the same as the image above.

New files have the same content, and Opus only displays thumbnail of PowerPoint file.

Thumbnails are not related to this plugin, which only affects the viewer pane. (Some plugins also do thumbnails, but not this one.) Opus gets icons/thumbnails for Office documents from the Windows shell, and any shell extensions (usually installed by and part of MS Office) that handle those formats. If they also aren't working in File Explorer either then the problem is not something in Opus. If they only work in Explorer and not Opus, and you're on a current version of Opus, then something is probably blocking the dopus.exe process from accessing your documents.

(Are you sure Word even provides document thumbnails these days? I am not sure that it does.)

Actually, I'm wrong there, they do still work -- in both Explorer and Opus -- but you may need to explicitly enable them, and the UI for doing it is buried deep in Word (and not still where a lot of guides say it is).

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Thanks Leo, you are right.

Both Windows Explorer and Opus can display Office document thumbnails, but I found two issues, one for Office and one for Opus.

The issue with Opus is that no icons are displayed under the Excel document. The issue with Office is that thumbnails cannot be displayed as long as I adjust the format of the Excel document.

This is a screenshot of Windows Explorer.

This is a screenshot of Opus.

I get both icons in Opus:


With these settings:


It's possible something is wrong with the xlsx filetype/registry settings on your system.

Do you get Excel icons for xlsx files when in Details mode in Opus? What about Details mode in File Explorer?

Leo, you are very correct, it should be the registration error of xlsx filetype in the system, I don't know how it happened. I adjust the settings of your markup and Opus displays the icon.

Both Windows Explorer and Opus can display icons in Details mode.

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