Word docs - display Template value in Info Tip on mouse hover

The customizable Info Tip that displays when hovering over a file name is a very handy feature.

There is a document metadata field I would like to be added to it, though, which I have not been able to find. Word documents alway are based on a Template. The template path can be seen by going (in Word) to File | Options | Add-ins | Manage: Templates | Go. The related Template is shown at the top of the dialog box:


or (if using a template in the Word default template folder):

I would very much like to display that Template path in the Info Tip. Is there already a way to do this that I have not found? If not, can it be added with a script? If not, I'd appreciate it being added as a candidate feature for a future release.


You will need a custom column for this.

The template's name can be retrieved with the word app


from the document properties


and with ExifTool from the file metadata


To get the template's path you'll need to open the document as an archive and parse


Thanks @lxp.

Can you point me to a resource where I can learn how to apply your pointers (custom column, etc.)?

Of course, what I really want is to add it to the hover Into Tip - this seems like an alternative that may also be useful (and may obviate the need for adding to Info Tip).


There’s an example here which uses Word to extract other data:

Once you have the custom column, you can insert it into the info tip:

Aha! I see. Thanks - you just motivated me to try to make this happen sooner!

I'll review what you and Leo wrote and see when I can devote some time to making it happen.