Access is denied. (5) message in DOpus 12 with OneDrive but not with File Explorer

I've been having an issue with files and folders (primarily copying them) and getting the error message Access is denied. (5). I use DOpus (and have for years) so I didn't try the same file/folder operations with Windows File Explorer at first. Eventually I did try it & it seems I can usually do what I'm trying to do in File Explorer, but trying the same thing in DOpus gives the error message.

DOpus seems to be okay for copying other files & folder from C and D drives, but the error message pops up when trying to access files on our OneDrive, which has most of our files.

The issue started about a week ago. There may have been a Windows update that automatically installed the day before.

Strange access denied errors in document folders, for some software and not others, are often caused by poor antivirus, and Defender's "privacy guard" feature in particular:

Hi Leo, I read the article & thought this might be the issue since this computer is currently running Windows Defender. I tried setting the three suggested process exclusions in Windows Security > Virus & threat protection. I rebooted the PC. I'm seeing the same issues as before. I can copy a folder & files from OneDrive with File Explorer, but trying it with Directory Opus prompts the Acesss Denied message.

Also, when I navigate to folders on the OneDrive in Directory Opus it takes a long time for them to open (a progress bar is displayed), but opening the same folder in File Explorer doesn't have that delay.

There are things Opus does which can prevent files being moved or written to (e.g. if it was reading metadata from a file after reading the folder, that might prevent the file being deleted until it is finished).

But there isn't much Opus does which would prevent a file being copied or read from.

Do you have any other antivirus or "privacy" tools installed?

Also make sure both of Defender's exclusions lists have the correct full paths to dopus.exe and the other executables. Just the name on its own may work but is less reliable.

There are two exclusion lists in Defender that the files need to be added to. Did you do both? (Unless the privacy guard feature is turned off, in which case the second list won't be there.)

It's also possible a shell extension is doing something strange, or that there's an incompatibility between your versions of Opus and Windows. (What are the versions? Is it an Insider Build or anything like that?)

Are you referring to the ransomware protection controlled folder access? That is turned off.

Opus version is 12.23 x64.

Windows 10 Home
Version 2004
OS Build 19041.804
Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0

I haven't done any customization of the Windows installation. It's Windows 10 Home, which came pre-installed on an HP Omen desktop PC. It automatically installs Wndows Updates.

As far as other tools, Malwarebytes is installed, but it's the free version, so it runs when I launch it. It's not running in the background.

The most recent Windows Updates installed on 02/10/2021 are
2021-02 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 2004 for x64-based Systems (KB4601319) and
2021-02 Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 10 Version 2004 for x64 (KB4601050)

You could try a Process Monitor log to see if that reveals which exe or DLL is locking the files:

But access denied generally indicates either permissions or antivirus is preventing access. You'd tend to get a different error (file in use / sharing violation) if other software had the file open in a way that prevented it being opened again for reading.