Also me I ask to improve color visualization breadcrumbs

Hi, i'm new user on forum, i'm using, (satisfying), from many years a different program of Windows Explorer that in my opinion has some limitations and Microsoft don't sufficient improves it.
Unfortunately in these last months I need further options that my alternative program that i'm using don't have and for this reason I'm searching on web and downloaded other different programs to test them.
I have found your Dopus and proving evaluation version using trial certificate it satisfies almost all I need but
it has a shortage that stops me.
Many years ago i was affect from eye tumor and since i have more problems of eyesight.
I have setted Dopus aspect and functions in order to resemble to my old program and using it
i have discovered that, for my person, is too difficult see the path choosed from path area breadcrumbs because i don't
see the underscored folder. (My old program shows it very well and very clearly)
I will search in configuration option of Dopus if I can modify something, but in the section "File display border source" i can't find for example "color Text of underscored folder".
I have proved to increase font size, but I don't see "underline" of underscored folder or I see but it is labourious
for me.
In my condition is more visible high contrast (infact i have select this theme on Windows).
Fox example I see very well: "Black" background with "yellow" or "white" text.
It will be fantastic if Dopus permits user with problem as mine, to change color of text and color of background of part underscored in Breadcrumbs path.
I have searched on Dopus forum if there was other people with similar problem as mine in order to know how they have solved the problem.
I have found this link:

but i don't find solutions.
Reading Your answers on their questions i think that you have not regard for our eyesight problems.
Why you don't improve Dopus with this function ?
You don't improve it, because for you (that are normal people) is sufficient clearly the text? (as you wrote to other user)?
I am a disable people with an handicap and i have discovered on forum that there are other people as me that have asked
to you to add a function that lighten our jobs.
Aspect that for you can maybe easy to read for handicap people as me can do more difficult.
Dopus have section that permit to modify aspect color, i don't understand why you don't implement
also this.
You don't consider handicap people and Dopus is only for normal people ? :frowning:
Good program with big limitation for me.

Thanks and sorry for post.
For now i will continue to use old program that i have, hoping in future develop of your good program. :frowning: