Anyone having issues with Folder Options save types?

I want to check that no one else is having problems with Folder Options save types before i rip apart my saved folder options.

Recently i am struggling to get the correct saved function to work as expected. This is something i have used a lot in the past, either i have screwed something up/forgotten how it all works or something is bugged.

When i try and save a format for folder & subfolders, folders on the same level or even above will receive said format, as if i selected some variation of All Folders. i've been going around in circles trying to figure out what is going on.

I plan to completely wipe all my folders back to the defaults, but before i do i just want to check if anyone else is seeing odd behaviour with this feature.

Thanks for any feedback.

(running Opus (4779) x64)

Make sure the Format Lock isn't turned on.

After saving the format be sure to close the current window and open a fresh window to ensure you are only seeing the result of the saved formats and nothing left-over from making changes in the original window.

Check what has actually been saved under Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats. That should give a clearer picture of what is and isn't saved for different paths.

The Folder Formats: Detailed Guide may help understand any other complex interactions between folder formats.

Thanks leo for the tips, i'll have a go at this today & read that guide. Clearly I have been doing something wrong.

I think this was a major issue and cause of confusion... i kept on making changes that i did not think were taking effect, as i was not doing the above.

Ok i think I've actually found the very confusing temp bug...

If you make a format change to a folder and select "Save - For this folder + layouts & folder tabs".. (the one i primarily use) it will take effect.. HOWEVER it will also apply that format to ALL sub-folders, but then when you close the lister and reopen the unrequested changes to sub folders are no longer present. This is what was causing me such a headache. Odd but true.

That may be explained by 8. Changes to the Default Formats in the Folder Formats Detailed FAQ.

It's one of the folder format behaviours which can seem strange/annoying in some situations, but if it didn't happen it would be annoying in other situations.

Also, the last point of the Folder Formats Quick Guide:

[quote]To test what you've done, close any open Opus windows, then open a new window and see if it is how you want it.

Always use a new window to check your changes.[/quote]