Archives (7z, RAR, etc.) plugin update for testing

[You can ignore this thread now. A newer version of this plugin is now part of Opus]

I've just finished an update to the Opus 10 archives plugin, which handles 7z, RAR, TAR.GZ and all the other formats except standard Zip files.

I'm releasing the new version here to allow keen people to test it ahead of the next Opus beta release, which it will also be a part of.

Since this is a pre-beta version, please only install it if you want to help test it, and please be careful when working with archives. Verify that everything you expected to be extracted came out of the archive correctly. I have tested the update myself over the last couple of weeks, but I may have missed something.

You can download the update from here, where there are also installation instructions:

[ul][li]Multi-Format Archives Plugin: Installation & Requirements[/li][/ul]

This is brand-new code, which may contain bugs, so please only install it if you're okay with that. Otherwise, wait for the changes to be included in future Opus updates.

The update changes how the plugin extracts files, so that it handles more of the operation itself. This should improve how it works in certain situations and with certain errors. (e.g. Problems with empty directories in archives are now fixed.) It's a major change to the code, but there isn't much to say about it; it should just do what the old plugin did, but better.

I'll give it a go sometime this week, and let you know the outcome


Being using this for 10 days, not noticed any issues so far, will update this thread if I do

Many thanks! Great to know it's working. No problems found here either.