Automatic Running of Backup

I'm trying to set up Opus 12 to do a scheduled automatic silent backup. I have searched the forum, an the closest I get is from this old thread:

In that thread, it is stated that "The backup & restore command can also be automated, if you want to use it "

May I ask how that is done?

I would like to use the command of 'Prefs BACKUP=all TO ............... Quiet' if that is possible?

I tried installing and running the 'Settings Auto Backup' script, but it gets automatically disabled in the Prefs/Toolbars/Scripts section, so no joy there...

As sometimes happens, I found the solution. I will make a post in the appropriate part of the forum on how to get it done, for future reference.

To help anyone who finds this thread by searching, here are the links to the two threads mentioned in the first post:

A link to the new thread mentioned in the second post:

Additionally, these FAQs may be useful: