Bug in directory sort?

When having directories with long uuid-like names, it seems the sort isn't working properly.

See the following screenshot:

For example, these three directories appear to be out of order:


I would expect:


What is the rule when sorting by name in this case ?

This should help... "Natural" order of folder names in a lister

Note that you want to do the opposite and turn off numeric name sorting.

To explain further, with numeric sorting enabled, the highlighted example in the screenshot above is sorting the folders as:

"4" (then "caf...") [first selected folder]
"6" (then "b29...")
"6" (then "f1a...")
"16" (then "da1...)
"66" (then "f0a...")
"84" (then "d5d...")
"86" (then "d40...")
"90" (then "bae...")
"577" (then "fc9...")
"42155" (then "b2f...") [second selected folder]

This is the option you want to turn off:

(See Folder Formats: Quick Guide for how to turn it off for all folders.)

Thanks for the reply.