Cannot view Wordperfect text in Viewer Pane

I am unable to view my Wordperfect files (other than as hex) in the Viewer Pane. I can do this in Explorer Plus, but I cannot do it in DOpus 9.1. I have searched through the Forum and tweaked my DOpus accordingly, but to no avail. PLEASE TELL ME HOW I CAN VIEW MY WORDPERFECT FILES IN THE VIEWER PANE. (They open in Wordperfect 12 with no problems. And I can view MS Word files, RAW image files, etc, in the Viewer Pane with no problems.)

Can you view WordPerfect files in Internet Explorer? If so then you can add their extension to the ActiveX viewer plugin.

If not then you should be able to view them using the MultiView plugin, provided you also track down the required 3rd party viewers (e.g. via Yahoo Desktop, as explained in the post linked from the plugin's thread).

Thanks for your suggestions. I can open Wordperfect files FROM Internet Explorer (File-Open), but this opens them in Wordperfect, not in IE. Anyway, I previously had added the Wordperfect extension .wpd to the Active X Viewer plugin, as well as to the Multiview plugin. Also I previously had downloaded 3rd party viewers (Stellent filters?) and directed the Multiview plugin to them ... but it has made no difference. I would be grateful for any further suggestions.

I have the Stellent filters, as provided with QuickView Plus. wpd files show just fine in the viewer in DO.

You may have run up against something that bit me early on in my oh so painful clamber up the foothills of the learning curve that is DO.

Fortunately, leo stepped in, as usual, with enough clues here to sort out my problem. It may or may not be the same as yours.

In my case, I had to point DO at the appropriate "Viewer Libraries".

Here's where to look in the standard menu set:

Settings>>Viewer Plugins>>MultiView (Select)>>Configure

Then aim DO at the directory holding the Stellent filters.

Alternatively, if you come across another viewer for wpd files, you may have to apply a different trick. Maybe someone else can help on that front.

Adding to Michael's suggestions:
[ul][li]Make sure the MultiView plugin is enabled. i.e. In the plugins list the checkbox next to the word "MultiView" is ticked.
[li]Remove the .WPD extension from the ActiveX plugin so make sure it doesn't get in the way of the MultiView plugin.

(Select the ActiveX plugin in the plugin list, click Configure, then select Generic ActiveX at the bottom of the window that appears and remove .WPD from the extensions list on the right.)[/li][/ul]

Thanks Michael and Leo. I have re-checked to be sure the Multiview plugin is enabled and points to the Stellent filters, and I have removed the .wpd extension from the ActiveX plugin. Alas, my Wordperfect files still appear in hex view in the Viewer Pane and never as readable files. (Whereas .doc and .txt files are readable.) Do you have any other ideas?

I have just been playing around and found that you can change the plugin that the viewer uses on the fly.

Right click on the view, go to the "Use Plugin" entry and try a few.

See if it has the Multiview plugin selected.

I also find that wpd files display correctly with some of the others, although this may be an artefact.

If nothing else, this will give you some more troubleshooting possibilities.

Thanks Michael. Yes, I have tried all combinations of plugins and content types (even tried creating a new Wordperfect group), but nothing seems to work. It is a mystery to me, and if you or anyone else has other suggestions I would appreciate seeing them.

Can you verify that you can view .WPD files in another application using the Stellent viewers?

(note that Explorer Plus does not use the Stellent viewers, so this isn't a valid test)

Backtracking to your first message, E+ may use different viewers from QuickView Plus, which is what I use.

If you look at the Help file in E+ you will see that it credits "Verity" as the source of the viewers. Stellent viewers are a part of many other packages.

I don't know where E+ buries its viewers. The only Verity directories on my PC relate to PaperPort.

It may be that you need to hunt around for the right viewers. On top of that, they may need to be registered in Windows. Simply having the DLLs on your PC may not be enough.

You should bear in mind that some of these added uses of viewers may fall outside the licence agreements. So it isn't always easy to work out what is going on.

One thought, have you considered looking over at the WordPerfect site for help on viewers?

The fact that you have something that lets you see the files, should allow DO to do the same thing. You just need to track down what the heck is happening.

Don't tell anyone that I said this, but you can sometimes get viewers in trial versions of software. Even when the trials lapse, the viewers still work.

This is, of course, illegal. The Sopranos will be on your case.

Not sure how to verify this. I tried using textExtractor.exe in the X1 folder that contains Stellent filters and got a pop-up Microsoft error report request. Someone once suggested the Microsoft Wordview viewer, adding "I don’t know if this viewer can be tied under Associations in Windows, so you can view your WPerfect files in a child window, executed from DOPUS. You will have to test that." This viewer does enable me to view Wordperfect files, but I do not know how to employ this in DOpus.

Thanks Michael. (My previous reply was to Jon; your message must have arrived before I submitted it.) I believe my Stellent filters were part of Yahoo Desktop or, now, X1. I have Paperport on my machine too, but no Verity folder. I do not know how to register viewers in Windows, and I have not sleuthed around the Wordperfect site very much. I will continue to look and try.

I installed the most recent Wordperfect version 12 service packs but otherwise could find no Wordperfect viewer from Corel. I feel sure there must be many users of Wordperfect who also use DOpus and are able to read their wpd files in the DOpus viewer, but I cannot and I have exhausted my own knowledge and guesses on this matter. If anyone out there has any further suggestions, please let me know. Many thanks!

One way to see if there is some underlying issue at your end might be to try the 30-day trial of QuickView Plus.

If that does not work in DO then you really do have an issue somewhere.

I do not condone "property theft," and the cost of the software is not that high, but you may find that even if QuickView Plus stops working after the trial, DO will still view the files. Then again, you may not.

I just offer this is a diagnostic suggestion. These are, after all, some of the industry standard viewers that end up in third party software.

Great suggestion Michael! I had assumed that since the X1 Stellent filters did not work, neither would the QuickView filters. But the latter DO work: for the first time, I now can read my Wordperfect files in the DOpus viewer pane! Many thanks for your help!