Chinese Version Used, but the Help descriptions in English

I'm using the Chinese version DOpus, but when I want to check some menu item functions, it's very difficult for me to translate it into a specific English description for searching in Help index, is there any way to find a table/list to show the corresponding English description for a Chinese menu?


There isn't a way to do that, sorry. (Other than switching Opus into English, of course, but that's only possible with the international version.)

Here's a list of the main menu and toolbar items and their Chinese equivalents (both simplified and traditional) for you. Please let us know if this wasn't what you were looking for.

Directory Opus Toolbars (English - 中文(繁體)).txt (36.7 KB)
Directory Opus Toolbars (English - 中文(简体)).txt (36.6 KB)

Hi Jon. Is there a list of the items in submenus and settings too? Some of the translation in those sections are incorrect and confusing (you can see what I mean in my post llinked above). A list of those items will surely help. Thank you!