Crash creating folder on network share (due to MaxTo window hook)

Every time I attempt to create a new folder on a network share DOpus (12 latest non-beta) crashes and has to restart.

Explorer doesn't have any issues and the folder is created.

The network share is to a UDOO x86 board running Ubuntu 18.04 with a USB3 hard drive which is NTFS formatted.

Have any crash dumps been created when it happened?

I checked the minidumps folder and there is 1 file in there 212Kb. Which might have been for the particular crash. Sometimes when I attempt to create a folder the entire application just closes/quits with no crash dialog. Other times I get the 'something unexpected has happened do you want to terminate the process' dialog. I will email the crash dump over.

Please try uninstalling MaxTo, then rebooting. Does the problem still happen?

Thanks. I'll give it a try and see what happens. Is there any reason why MaxTo would cause the problem as i'd prefer not to uninstall it permanently.

Seems to be fine without MaxTo. Shame.

You should report that to the MaxTo team and send them the crash dump.

Their tool installs a window hook or subclass, which appears to be the cause of the crash, and may also affect other programs. It looks like it is messing up the subclass chain, from the crash dump.