Custom Context Menu commands: YOUR favorites?

Since the forum's "Downloads" section doesn't have a board dedicated to context menu items, I thought I'd start a thread to collect ideas people have had for custom context menu items.

Would love to find new ideas, so please share your own. :slight_smile:

Troubleshooting the Context Menu
First off, a great thread with information about how to remove unwanted items from the context menu (among others).

Ideas found on other threads
Copy to ... / Move to ... specific folders
Copy to ... / Move to ... specific folders (different thread)
Copy filename (and more) (riding on Leo's FAQ)
Execute a Script for a Specific File Type

More ideas: this search.

Things I'm Using
Here are a couple I've added to my menu.

1. GO Folder
This is useful in Flat view mode -- you right-click the file, and the parent folder opens in a new tab.


2. Own this
Can't recall who told me this trick. Takes ownership of a file.

Type: MS-Dos batch function

cmd.exe /c takeown /f {f} icacls {f} /grant administrators:F pause

Hoping to see everyone else's ideas!

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Almost any toolbar button or hotkey can also be placed on a context menu, so most of the existing threads are really already about context menus as well. :slight_smile:

True, true.

My interest is to find out what others find useful on a right-click.
We all have lots of functions in buttons, but I guess we tend to save the right-click for something special.

Like in playful's first example, for me go NEWTAB opencontainer=target (i.e., "Browse to target") is absolutely essential in Collections (such as find results), Flat View and for shortcuts. It is an oversight that DO doesn't provide one in such situations by default (I know it's easy to create by the user but still).

Other than that, I really like to keep my context menu as uncluttered and bare as possible, so there's nothing else (for now).

Go Target
When right-clicking a link, opens the folder containing the link's target.

@hidenosel:type=*.lnk Go OPENCONTAINER=target OPENINDEST NEWTAB=findexisting Set QUICKFILTERCLEAR @ifset:FOCUS=left SET FOCUS=right @ifset:else SET FOCUS=left

After making this, I realized my context menu had something similar: Open Target's Folder.
Couldn't recall if I had added that at some point or if that was a default. It lived in the lnk files definition (lnkfile.oxr).

Thinking of looking into something like "Grep in this folder", unless someone already has a working one.
Edit: I've made two buttons, "Grep with ABA Replace" and "Grep with PowerGrep". Not sure I need that in the context menu.
Still interested in a DO-native option for this, although the ABA Replace one is blazingly fast and beautifully intuitive (results change as you type).

Interesting thread, please keep them coming even though this is standard button "work"! o)
To all files and folders I have added these (most using script addins, see below where to find them).

Paste to Containers (I use this on items to paste other items into the same directory where they reside (in flatview e.g.).

ClipboardEx PASTETOCONTAINERS ClipboardEx PASTETOCONTAINERS MOVE (do not copy, move the items)

Clipboard COPYNAMES variation which stores all item paths as UNC paths into the clipboard (also for local files).

@keydown:none Clipboard COPYNAMES @keydown:shift ClipboardEx COPYNAMES=allunc

Rename variation (holding shift renames items using names from clibboard).

@keydown:none rename inline @keydown:shift RenameFromClipboard
ClipboardEx: Command: ClipboardEx (clipboard related functions)
RenameFromClipboard: Command: RenameFromClipboard

I have quite a bunch of those copy/move context menu items. Most of them are regex based and also based on date or date-time stamp in the file name.

More generally are:
Create Filenamed folder to MOVE to ... (Ask) - where ask means that you are prompted, so you can still edit the folder name
same .. to COPY to
Create Filenamed folder to MOVE to ... (Silent) - no questions asked
same .. to COPY to

Drag & Drop context menu item.
BTW I use a 3rd party tool to change the modified dates of the newly created folders after newest filedate in the folder, i.e. the folder won't have a modified date of today, but the one of the newest file in that folder.
The tools runs immy after the action (in the same context menu item)

Am not sure, but I don't believe if Opus can do that.


A few lines of script could do it. There's also a script column already written which calculates the dates on the fly based on the folder contents.

Thanks and Sorry for the delay.
Where can I find that script column?

this (Custom Column) definitely looks nice.
No offense meant, but I am afraid this isn't entirely what I am looking for.
No doubt things may be accomplished using scripting, but that's for experts.
Nonetheless, thanks again.


The ICACLS utility is very helpful; however, you have to download it. This one will allow you to choose the user to assign rights (examaple is for Administrators group)
Also, similar, is the TAKEOWN utility, which does much the same thing, although only the current user or Administrators.
described on MS Technet:

The icacls command is an external command and is available in the below Microsoft operating systems as icacls.exe.

Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10

How? There is no copy-paste or drag options into Settings > File Types editor.

Context menu items can run the same commands which buttons and hotkeys run. Go to the Context Menu tab of a file type, then click the New button to create a new menu item.

Oh yes, thats what I am using, just thought that there is some alternative way, like dragging buttons or right-click copy-paste from toolbar into a context menu editor.