Define group sort settings

Hello, is there a way to define custom values for grouped items?
for example, when I group sort by size, there are three only group categories:
Small (10-100KB)
Really Huge(>1GB)
As the bulk of my files are on the last category this grouping is of no use at all.
Is there a way to define groups with custom values, for example <1GB, 1BG-5GB, 5GB-10GB,10-15GB, etc?
Same goes with images and grouping by aspect ratio, or landscape and portrait photos.

I'd say this requires scripted columns, for these you can have your own grouping rules.

can you elaborate?

Regarding different grouping for filesizes, I put something together here: Columns: CustomGrouping (group by SizeRange/FileTypeGroup..)
In case you're interested to try it, please test for filesizes greater than 1gb, I don't own files very much larger than this.

Grouping by aspect ratio or landscape and portrait should be an easy task as well, would you like to try for yourself now? o)

Truly appreciated!!!
Problem is, due to my ignorance, can't seem to get it working.
Pasted code into new button, error comes up "windows cannot find function"
Added to scripts, scripts add on folder, it does not show up.
Any step by step usage suggestions?
Thanks again

I noticed just yet, that you use DOpus v10, is that still correct? But if you have that script addins folder, it more seems like you're running v11. The column won't work for v10, just to clarify that.

To use the column, enter "/dopusdata/script addins", copy that script there, remove the *.txt extension and then pick any lister and right click any column header. A context menu should appear, allowing to add/remove columns. Look for Columns -> Scripts -> Column.General: CustomGrouping -> Size (Range) or Size (Text + Range) and activate one or both. Now right click the newly added columns header and choose "Group", the custom grouping should appear to the very left of the file display.

To change text and filesize ranges, you need to open Preferences -> Toolbars -> Scripts, find that script in the list, click it once and a bar appears containing a config button.

Consider downloading my update to the script before you try again. It was a bad idea to convert all spaces to tabs before loading the first version up here. The containing tabs resulted in groupnames not showing up correctly, which should be fixed now.

I updated the ExtendedExif columns, incorporating two new columns: Image "Ratio" and "Orientation", grouping works as well for these.

much appreciated, will give both a go!