Directory Opus crashes frequently


Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Version 1909 builds 18363.449 crashes frequently. I am using Directory Opus Vesion 12.17 Build 7198 x 64. Can you please help?

Please see Crash dumps for bug reports for information on how to send us the crash dump file for analysis.

Minidumps sent to the email suggested

From the dumps, it looks like Microsoft's telemetry service is causing the crash. It's happening on a thread that we didn't start, which is owned by their telemetry API.

You may be able to stop the crashing with this old fix:

Please let us know if that fixes things.

Pressing Windows+R is used to bring up a Run Command box. What should I then type in the Run Command box?

Did you click/expand the post preview and read the rest of it? It says right after that.

Sorry Leo I did not see the expand button. I have now done as you suggest and await the results.

Many thanks

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