Disk Cataloging feature

Hi, Directory Opus 8 is almost perfect, but I think it lacks of a very interesting feature: Disk Cataloging.

It would be very useful to catalog CDs and DVDs in a database file for offline-(virtual)-view like other softwares as Advanced Disk Catalog, Advanced Cataloguer Pro, etc. etc.

A dedicated CD/DVD-Archiver virtual-filesystem plugin could be a very good idea, I think.

Why not copy the CDs/DVDs to .iso image files and use the free Daemon Tools (or something similar) to mount them as virtual disks? I do this and it works brilliantly inside and outside of Opus.

You'd want such a function to be system-wide (so you can access the files in other programs) rather than restricted to inside of Opus anyway.

For people with huge optical disc collections, I think the idea is that you have an 'index' that is stored on your hard drive with just the file metadata from the contents of discs that you've 'scanned'. Not so long ago I scoffed at the idea... But I've since built up quite a collection of DVD discs and now understand the usefullness of such a feature. In the absence of using a dedicated utility to keep track of which discs have which files on them, I've resorted to spreadsheets - which sucks.

If such a thing were built into Opus I'd definitely use it. Maybe it could fit into the current 'File Collection' methodology - but perhaps as a unique 'kind' of collection - say a File Collection 'Snapshot' that stored all of the file meta-data which could then be searched on, and if an attempt is made to access the selected data for a read/write operation, Opus could prompt to insert the appropriate media...

I use Broken Cross Disk Manager. It's a nice little program for doing this works great. And no i'm not affiliated with them.

I would also use this feature, anyway, I'll look into that program Predator, thanks. :slight_smile:

I use CD Bank Cataloguer, I have a lot of data, photo, music, movie cd/dvd's to track. It allows you to print a jewel case cover or dvd cover or whatever you want to design for it.

The images above are just examples, mine are custom to the way I like it although I do use the bar graphs and pie chart just because I like the way it tells you the break down of the cd or dvd.

However the back of the jewel cases I designed my self with just basic info and number of the disc.