DOPUS can stay single instance in win7

one of my pc system is win7,dopus worked well for a long time,but recently i found that it can't keep single instance someday,no matter how i try,it keeps pop out a new instance in my task bar,but the the same setting works well in my win10 PC,is it a bug?

Do you mean it's opening new windows when you don't want it to? What action are you doing to trigger that? Is it the same action that does something different on the other PC, or a different one?

Which setting do you mean?

Are you using Opus 12.17 on both machines?

The recommended settings are here:

1、for 1st answer:I click the dopus icon in my task bar,i my win10 pc ,it opens in the same place,but
in my win7 pc ,it pop out as a new button,

2、for 2nd answer:yes,i am using 12.17 on both machines.i read the post and follow the setting,i works fine in the past ,but don't work someday.

Right-click the taskbar icon and unpin it.

Then right-click it again and pin it.

That will fix the problem. The taskbar is just confused.

thanks,it works!