DOpus stalling out at random intervals... how can I help track down the problem?

For the last 2 weeks in my production environment, DOpus will stall out when attempting to open a new layout. Any previously open listers work just fine, but the new one never gets past the render (e.g., no file list is being displayed but the backgrounds & buttons are all there.) Closing the stalled listed kills the whole DOpus application, which is irksome.

Since I have no control over how our file-share is configured, are there debug options or other settings I can enable to help track down the root cause of this problem?

Version Info:
Directory Opus Pro 12.10 Build 6853 x64
OS 6.1 (B:7601 P:2 T:1) SP 1.0 "Service Pack 1"

Windows 7

Thank you!

Is the trigger the layout itself or the folders it displays?

That I'm uncertain about, but from what I recollect, local files were loaded but anything traversing the network wasn't. One lister with an FTP site for the default tab also exhibits this problem. I'll keep better track of the behavior in this regards & update the thread as I get info.

Okay, after several days worth of working sans issues, today it is happening almost every time I open a second lister, via saved lister layouts, regardless of whether or not the contents are local or across the network.

There must be something about that layout which is triggering it.

The folders it shows (or the files or types of files in them), or the toolbars it turns on, or something like that.

Scripts could also play a part if you have any installed.

I've deleted all the layouts & am still experiencing the issue.

I have noticed that it seems to coincide frequently to when Outlook is trying to sync folders. In fact, when I was publishing up a site, Outlook stalled out until the push was completed, so there might be some crazy conditions stuff going on with our network.

Are there any logging commands that might be useful to enable to see about capturing when the listers stall?


A Process Monitor log might reveal something about what's happening to both programs:

Checking in Task Manager to see if the CPU, disk or memory are at or near 100% while Outlook is syncing may also point to simple resource contention as an issue.

I really miss having a slam-dunk solution on occasion with my problems... :frowning:

Our magic wands are being serviced at the moment, unfortunately. :slight_smile:

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