DOpus Thread Error in 9.1 from Drag & Drop on 64-bit Vista


I have started noticing a problem since the release of DOpus 9.1. This problem occurs both on 9.1 for Win32 on a XP32 machine as well as in DOpus 9.1 for Win64 on a Vista 64 machine. The XP machine has 2 cores and the Vista 64 machine has 4 cores.

It always occurs when dragging and dropping a lot of files for some time in and out of the dopus listers. Sometimes When selecting yes I get the message the thread was successfully terminated, and I can continue working, and sometimes it shuts down dopus and I have to restart the app.

And it's always and only happening as mentioned in relation to dragging around a lot of files for some time. Anyone else noticed this since 9.1 or if it can be replicated? This has never happened prior to 9.1.

Is there any possible pattern to the problem, like it tends to happen when certain types of files are dragged?

Can you tell when the error message appears? Is it right at the start of the drag or only after the mouse pointer moves out of the file display? (Is it when it moves into, say, the tree or the opposite file display, or when it moves out of the Opus window completely?)

I haven't seen it myself but I don't often drag large numbers of files (usually only a handful, else I'll start using toolbar buttons instead of drag & drop in case I accidentally lose my selection).


Thanks for your response. On the top of my head, it's mainly when dragging files out of Dopus, when leaving the dopus window, and also I think when it's from a network unit, not a local drive.

But I'll take a few notes when it happens again, for a few times, and see if I can find a definite pattern.

I've seen this myself. Using Vista 64-bit Home Premium. Definitely drag&drop related and it seems to occur fairly randomly. Copying and pasting the same files with Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V works fine. I don't have network drives so it's not that, happens to me even when dragging files to another directory on the same partition.

I have the same problem too! I'm using Vista Ultimate x64 and this problem appeared with DOpus 9.1 x64. Previous versions didn't have this error.

It appears randomly, while dragging files. Especially .avi files seem to trigger this error more often.

Have any of you ever seen crashes from just hovering over files? I wonder if it's related to thumbnail generation, which might be triggered and then cancelled as you hover over a file and then start the drag & drop. (Since Opus may start generating a thumbnail for the tooltip that would appear.)

If you've seen the crash in situations where you very quickly clicked and dragged files without hovering over them for a moment before then we can discount this theory, of course.

Shouldn't be thumbnails since I've had it happen with things like MP3 files. What's weird is that it seemed to happen with certain files (all MP3, all named in Artist - song but only some trigger the error).

In general 9.1 seems to also throw thread errors sometimes with ZIP and RAR files too. Sometimes it can't read the contents of either filetype whereas 7-Zip does it fine (so the files are ok and it's a DOpus issue).

Never had these issues with

Do the same zip/rar files consistently cause problems or is it an intermittent thing?

No, the same file works sometimes and causes a crash sometimes. I'd love to help the programmers more, but I haven't found a way to reproduce the error anytime I want.

I can say with certainty though, the crash doesn't occur when just hovering, you have to actually start dragging.

Another note, I'm always in List Mode with single click to activate.

Yep, I have this problem too since installing 9.1 under Vista x64.

It seems fairly random as in it will for the most part only do it occasionally, except for tonight where it has crashed pretty much every time I have attempted to drag content from one lister to another.

Killing all dopus processes and restarting dopus doesn't help.

Here's my machine specs, dunno if you can find any commonalities with your systems:

  Computer Type                                     ACPI x64-based PC
  Operating System                                  Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate
  OS Service Pack                                   -
  Internet Explorer                                 7.0.6000.16575
  DirectX                                           DirectX 10.0
  CPU Type                                          QuadCore Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600, 3000 MHz (9 x 333)
  Motherboard Name                                  Asus P5N32-E SLI Plus  (2 PCI, 1 PCI-E x1, 3 PCI-E x16, 4 DDR2 DIMM, Audio, Dual Gigabit LAN, IEEE-1394)
  Motherboard Chipset                               nVIDIA nForce 680i SLI Hybrid
  System Memory                                     4096 MB  (DDR2-800 DDR2 SDRAM)
  BIOS Type                                         Award (07/06/07)

  Video Adapter                                     NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT  (512 MB)
  Video Adapter                                     NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT  (512 MB)
  3D Accelerator                                    nVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT
  Monitor                                           Dell 2407WFP (Digital)  [24" LCD]  (CC3026B620RS)
  Monitor                                           HP L1706  [17" LCD]  (CNN6330SRJ)

  Audio Adapter                                     Analog Devices AD1988B @ nVIDIA nForce 590 SLI (MCP55P) - High Definition Audio Controller

  IDE Controller                                    NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller
  IDE Controller                                    NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller
  IDE Controller                                    Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller
  Storage Controller                                LSI Logic Ultra160 PCI SCSI Adapter; 53C1010-33 Device
  Storage Controller                                LSI Logic Ultra160 PCI SCSI Adapter; 53C1010-33 Device
  Storage Controller                                Microsoft iSCSI Initiator
  Storage Controller                                NVIDIA nForce RAID Controller
  Storage Controller                                NVIDIA nForce RAID Device
  Storage Controller                                NVIDIA nForce RAID Device
  Storage Controller                                NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller
  Storage Controller                                SCSI/RAID Host Controller
  Disk Drive                                        Generic Flash HS-CF USB Device
  Disk Drive                                        Generic Flash HS-COMBO USB Device
  Disk Drive                                        NVIDIA  STRIPE   467.52G  (467 GB)
  Disk Drive                                        USB2.0 CardReader CF RW USB Device
  Disk Drive                                        USB2.0 CardReader MS RW USB Device
  Disk Drive                                        USB2.0 CardReader SD RW USB Device
  Disk Drive                                        USB2.0 CardReader SM RW USB Device
  Disk Drive                                        WDC WD74 0GD-00FLC0 SCSI Disk Device  (74 GB, 10000 RPM, SATA)
  Optical Drive                                     ATAPI DVD D  DH16D2S SCSI CdRom Device
  Optical Drive                                     PIONEER DVD-RW  DVR-212 SCSI CdRom Device  (DVD+R9:10x, DVD-R9:10x, DVD+RW:18x/8x, DVD-RW:16x/6x, DVD-RAM:12x, DVD-ROM:16x, CD:40x/32x/40x DVD+RW/DVD-RW/DVD-RAM)
  Optical Drive                                     ZT1274I KFX130P SCSI CdRom Device
  SMART Hard Disks Status                           Unknown

  Keyboard                                          HID Keyboard Device
  Mouse                                             HID-compliant mouse
  Game Controller                                   Microsoft PC-joystick driver

  Network Adapter                                   NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller
  Network Adapter                                   VMware Virtual Ethernet Adapter for VMnet1  (
  Network Adapter                                   VMware Virtual Ethernet Adapter for VMnet8  (

  Printer                                           Canon iP5200
  Printer                                           Fax
  Printer                                           Microsoft XPS Document Writer
  FireWire Controller                               VIA VT6306/6307 Fire II IEEE1394 Host Controller (PHY: VIA VT6307)
  USB1 Controller                                   nVIDIA nForce 590 SLI (MCP55P) - OHCI USB 1.1 Controller
  USB2 Controller                                   nVIDIA nForce 590 SLI (MCP55P) - EHCI USB 2.0 Controller
  USB Device                                        Generic USB Hub
  USB Device                                        Generic USB Hub
  USB Device                                        Razer Diamondback
  USB Device                                        USB Composite Device
  USB Device                                        USB Human Interface Device
  USB Device                                        USB Human Interface Device
  USB Device                                        USB Human Interface Device
  USB Device                                        USB Mass Storage Device
  USB Device                                        USB Mass Storage Device
  USB Device                                        USB Printing Support

  DMI BIOS Vendor                                   Phoenix Technologies, LTD
  DMI BIOS Version                                  ASUS P5N32-E SLI PLUS ACPI BIOS Revision 0801
  DMI System Manufacturer                           System manufacturer
  DMI System Product                                System Product Name
  DMI System Version                                System Version
  DMI System Serial Number                          System Serial Number
  DMI System UUID                                   8025403F-5599DB11-A225B4EE-6C7BB5ED
  DMI Motherboard Manufacturer                      ASUSTeK Computer INC.
  DMI Motherboard Product                           P5N32-E SLI PLUS
  DMI Motherboard Version                           1.XX
  DMI Motherboard Serial Number                     123456789000
  DMI Chassis Manufacturer                          Chassis Manufacture
  DMI Chassis Version                               Chassis Version
  DMI Chassis Serial Number                         EVAL
  DMI Chassis Asset Tag                             123456789000
  DMI Chassis Type                                  Desktop Case
  DMI Total / Free Memory Sockets                   4 / 0

I guess this issue is fairly common. I'm guessing most Vista x64 users have this problem.

Are the programmers aware of the issue, or should we file a bug report?

I have also since my last post not been able to track down a specific pattern how this occurs, but it indeed seems to be a very random behaviour.

I don't think it's related to Vista x64 / Dopus x64. Becuase I had this exact same behaviour on XP32 / Dopus 32. The common factor was though that both machines had Multi-Core CPUs. And thread error do seem pretty related to having a computer with several CPUs or Cores.

I run Opus on several 32-bit machines with multiple CPUs and have never seen this crash and all but one person reporting it has 64-bit Vista so I'd say it's 64-bit related. If you've seen crashes while dragging on 32-bit then they are probably something else.

Thread crashes in general don't have anything to do with having or not having multiple CPUs. All the crash dialog is telling us is that a thread has crashed and that can happen whether you have 1 or 50 CPUs. (Of course, some problems become more likely if you have multiple CPUs but there's nothing here which suggests that's a factor.)

Nudel: thanks, I stand corrected about the core thingie. :slight_smile:

Another common factor, is that it has been image files (png, jpgs...) that I have been dragging everytime since I started making a note when I get these crashes in 9.1. I have run Dopus in details mode these times, so no thumbnails.

I just wanted to note that I am experiencing this problem as well with some drag and drop operations.

I am running DO x64 on Windows Vista Ultimate x64.

The problem seems to disappear if I right click on the file and then drag.

There has never been a crash so far if I right click and open the context menu first and then let the context menu close and drag the file.

This might help the programmers identify the cause.

I don't think the two problems are related. One is about dragging & dropping files and the other is about moving toolbars around.

To avoid things getting confusing I've split your post into a new topic here (also got a question for you to try to track down the problem, but I'll ask it in the new thread):

[Crash when moving toolbars)

Count me among the ones experiencing this error.
Aaand yes, I am running Vista 64.

I will check if I see the same thing on 32bit...

The number of people with this problem is growing like an avalanche. :slight_smile:

Are DOpus programmers even working on this? They are awfully quiet...

[quote="magius"]Count me among the ones experiencing this error.
Aaand yes, I am running Vista 64.[/quote]
Same for me too. :frowning: