Everything search via FAYT - questions about FAYT field behavior

When using an Everything search (via a Quick Key or a hotkey utilizing CLI QUICKSEARCHENGINE) - once a search result is 'found' the FAYT field goes away. Typically when searching with Everything, I type an initial string, wait for the results and if too many will add additional text to narrow the results - this doesn't work because the field goes away after the initial results are found. Sometimes if I'm thinking and typing slow, the results are shown and the FAYT field goes away before I finish my query.

Is there a way to configure the FAYT field (at least when using Everything) so that the field remains open (specifically after results are 'found') until dismissed (via the escape key)?

When using an Everything search (via a hotkey utilizing CLI QUICKSEARCHENGINE), if you make a mistake while typing or change your mind of what you want to type - if you delete all characters that you have typed the FAYT field (for Everything) goes away and is replaced by the generic Find FAYT field.

Is there a way to keep the Everything FAYT open in cases like this until specifically dismissed (via the escape key)?

Best solution at the moment is to use the search field (usually at the top right), which can do Everything searches as well, and is always visible.

But I agree, it would be nice to be able to choose when FAYT closes in some modes. The same is true with FAYT scripts that I use a lot.

:slight_smile: I would love to use that field - it functions as desired and looks/feels cleaner to me than the FAYT field but in an effort to replace using the Everything GUI I am trying to program a system wide hotkey to pull up the lister, open a new tab (for the search results) and initiate the Everything search.

From one of my previous question threads it doesn't appear to be a way to put focus on the top right search field (equivalent of pressing F3) via the hotkey....so that is how I ended up going down the FAYT trail...

Is there a way to call an external program as part of the hotkey? I could use something like an autohotkey script to 'press' F3 for me.

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Windows Scripting has a SendKeys method which should work without requiring any external tools. There's an example here: Use Opus to hotkey typing out a key sequence - #2 by Leo

Thanks. I did get it to work with an autohotkey script but will look at your reference and try that - the less moving parts the better.

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Well, for now I'll have to stick with the AHK solution that I have working. Attempting to utilize the SendKeys method results in strange behavior on my laptop (both in v12 and v13):

  • Every time it's used the 'numlock' indicator pops up on my screen (regardless of what text I send)
  • My SendKey test works from a button but I can't get it to work from a hotkey definition

I'll try again at some point but it has defeated me for now.