Feature Request - Add Notes to Files and Folders

Dopus is such a Great product, it seems like it would be a natural extension to add the ability to add notes to files and folders, and it also seems like it could expands its market to people looking for that type of very basic document management functionality. I have attached a screen capture of a program names FileNotes. In particular, see the column named "description". I hope to see this capability in the future, and if there are any add-ons for this now, please let me know.


p.s. Yes I am aware this can currently be done in Windows, but only on some files and not on folders.

Opus already does this.

Turn on the description column and use the menu function : File / File Commands / Set Description

[quote="steve"]Opus already does this.

Turn on the description column and use the menu function : File / File Commands / Set Description[/quote]

wow this is really a wonderful feature, esp about the folder comments

but now i am really confused
before reading about this here i enabled the description column
then i went to rt click properties on a file and using windows in the summary tab put some text in the description
but it did not show
then i used this File / File Commands / Set Description
entered some different text and that did show

going back to properties summary i see my orignal text

so where does DOpus store these comments ?

ok i understand now the distinction between DOpus Description and Windows Comment which Windows calls Description in one place and Comment in another
but my concern and curiosity is where DOpus stores the DOpus description for folders and files
i rarely work on on files on the local drive, i work mostly on a mapped LAN drive so i need to see these descriptions from any workstation
i searched the registry and they do not seem to put there,
hopefully it is some magical part of the filename system

Opus stores descriptions in files called descript.ion in the same directory as the files. The file/format is used by several other programs as well.

If you can't see the files it's probably because they are hidden. There's an option in Preferences - Folders - Options which explicitly hides descript.ion files, and they may also be hidden if you have Opus set to hide files with the H attribute.

COOL! Thank guys! I had searched help, but not been able to find anything. This is great! I was worried I was going to have to use another program when I prefer to use Dopus.

How would I create a shortcut key so I do not have to select File\File Commands\Set Description? I did a search in help but no luck.

Never mind. Found it under settings/customize.

Another question. Is there any way to have more than one column for descriptions? For instance, if I would like to have one column for a note about the file, and perhaps a second column to note a relevant URL? And if so, is there a way to name the columns?


No. You could try making a feature request though.

It appears descriptions do not move with a file when a file is moved, correct :frowning:?

You probably just need to turn this on:

That did it! I'm not sure why that would even be an option, but Ill take it anyway! Thanks.

I think it's because it slows down copying slightly.

Each time I think I have asked the last question on this I come up with another :slight_smile:. I notice that whenever I add a description, there is a drop down control that allows me to select from previous descriptions. That is cool, but where is that list so I can edit it? When I was first testing the feature I was just typing in gibberish like "dssfsff". Now each time I use the drop down, I see all the different strings of gibberish.


Never mind. Looks like it only stores the most recent 10, so they are disappearing as I am adding new descriptions.

[quote="steve"]Opus already does this.

Turn on the description column and use the menu function : File / File Commands / Set Description[/quote]
Anyone know where I would find this column to turn on? I started this thread a long time ago. Now I am on a different PC and I cannot find any way to enable this. I have turned on (2) different columns, one called "description" and one called "file description". Neither one seems to be the column the above is referring to, because when I use File>File Commands>Set Description what I type does now show up in either of the columns I have turned on.


The column you want is simply called Description and you can add or remove it (or any other column) simply by right clicking over an existing column header. The context menu that will pop up lets you add or remove columns.

Thank you. However as I noted, I already turned that column on and it will not display the comments I type in. I know the comments are there because if I use the file command to add the description the one I set is still there. However it does not display in the description column.

OK, so I guess the reason this is happening is that I was doing this on the desktop and DO can't work it's magic there?

Oops, sorry I missed where you had said that. :blush:

You're right about the descriptions and the desktop though, that's because the desktop is a virtual folder, and not an actual folder. The Opus file/folder description system only works with actual files and folders.