File Explore Properties

90% of what I do involves viewing images in folders as a web designer.

All I want is right click on a folder properties > customize tab > Optimize this folder for > Pictures > check box to include all sub-folders.

Your program helps achieve a better viewing if I can get simple formats to behave as a starting point.

Maybe a quick dumb down tab for simple file explorer functions are needed for a starter.

File Explorer continues to keep my format. Installing Opus does not recognize my format and I cannot seem to get the VIEW to stay on THUMBNAILS.

I have tried ticking and changing so many options to get a simple task which is easy to find in file explorer.

I am new to your program. I understand there are many options to learn.

However, when time is available, I can read the more detailed task options.

The folder formats system in Opus is arguably easier to understand and manage than the one in Explorer:

The main difference is we don't automatically save changes you make. You have to save those yourself (or set them up for types of folders, or everything below certain folders, or folders that mostly contain images... whichever you want!).

We don't think temporary changes should be saved automatically, since people usually want to set things up a certain way and then keep them that way, even if they switch on a column or change display modes occasionally to do something special; you shouldn't then have to switch everything off to get back to normal again. That said, it is possible to configure Opus to do that, we just don't recommend it. (Although a button which saves the current format for the current folder and/or subfolders can be useful when you're first setting things up, and that's easy to add to a toolbar or hotkey.)

Unlike Explorer, Opus won't start arbitrarily forgetting your folder formats if you've saved too many of them, and you can always review and edit all the formats you have saved via Preferences, instead of them being opaque binary data saved in the registry that nothing can view.

That was easy once you pointed out the exact location. You have many options and tabs that will take sometime to learn.

I just needed to return to a start setting before getting into your details.

Thank you.