Find query by rating / German query syntax

I´ve tried following from the thread DOpus 10 - Useable as Media Organizer?

Find QUERY rating:"4 stars"

However, it doesn´t return any results, even though it should. Therefore i used the find panel, which works ok so far, giving me an opportunity to filter from a range
(like >=3 stars), but it´s very slow, if i run it against several hundreds of image folders. So, here´s my question: why doesn´t work the find QUERY thing for me, & how
could i declare a range like 3-5 stars in it? I suppose, the find QUERY search might be a lot faster than the find panels search, if it´s based on Windows´ indexed search.
I already narrowed down the search corridor to the location, where the images in question are located (in the panel´s search), but it would still take clearly longer
than estimated 10-15 minutes to run a full search on my photo collection, which is a bit slow.

Using a Windows Search query will only work with filetypes Windows Search understands. See my comment in the other thread:

Ok, so the stars rating for JPGs isn´t one of those file types. I will stick to the find panel instead. Thanks.

It works fine with JPG files:

For some strange reason it doesn´t work here, neither from the F3 search field, nor from the command line.
Of course i have all my files indexed with properties & all. I´m using JPG files here, instead of JPEG, but
i suppose, it shouldn´t make any difference.

Maybe it´s broken in the german version, somehow? To clarify, i describe the exact steps of how i´m trying:

  • having open some folder with tagged files (JPG or MP3), with 5 stars
  • open the command line, typing >Find QUERY rating:"5 stars", Enter
  • the find results windows shows empty, but three files should have showed up

Does Explorer's Rating column show 5 stars for those files? (Does Opus's? :slight_smile:)

What happens if you put rating:"5 stars" into Explorer's search field?

What happens if you put *.jpg into Opus's search field?

Yes, it does, in both Opus & Explorer.

It doesn´t return any hits.

Well, that seems to work normal, returning all images from the base folder plus those from the

Here´s how i add the ratings: >SETATTR META rating:1, etc.
Maybe the code is obsolete? It´ll show the stars, though.

I guess the Windows Search does need to use different words under German Windows. :frowning:

Ah, yes, Microsoft did just that and apparently documented it even worse than the English syntax. That thread links to some docs on the German syntax but they're incomplete. I had trouble finding better, but maybe you'll have more luck with a German search engine/forums.

What a pain. This means all the query strings we come up with on the forum will only work in English. :frowning:

That explains it :unamused: . I will try to find out more later. In the meantime, i still can use the extended find in Opus.
(& yes, informations about that seem to be very thin in the internet )

This seems to work in my german Version :smiley: :


Oh, indeed, thanks! I already tested with the german term, but i couldn´t figure out to use "", which seems also
a bit weird to me (because it´s a whole different paradigm, or what it´s called. I would have expected "5 Sterne" or something like that).
Anyway, i also can search for ranges, using [b]Bewertung:"*" OR "
" OR "
"[/b]. :thumbsup:

If you happen to have the whole list, i´d be interested. I couldn´t find a clue about the german terms even in a half an hour of research.
They must have it well hidden.. :unamused:

[quote]If you happen to have the whole list, i´d be interested.[/quote]I don't think there's a list. It was just creative try & error that I found this. :laughing: Would be interesting to know if "rating:*****" also works in the english version.

Yep that works in English.

You can also do this to check for ranges:

rating:>=*** (matches 3 or more -- "greater than or equal to 3")
rating:>*** (matches 4 or more -- "greater than 3")

So in German this should work:


And similar.

This is also working in german (only without quotes):

bewertung:5 sterneWhen you type "Bewertung:" in Explorer you'll get a popup to select:

Interesting. Thank you both. I think i´m going to set up some drop down menu for the typical search cases.