Floating Toolbar with Desktop Icons

Just continuing the conversation from: Price of version 13 in a more appropriate place. I just learned something new today but can't figure out how to implement displaying desktop icons in a floating toolbar as this seems super useful. Can anyone shed some light on how this is done?

Ideally, if I could create a dropdown menu that populates with whatever is on my desktop that would be awesome.

Nevermind, I got this working.
I made a button that runs GO /desktop FOLDERCONTENT=sortdate and then dropped it inside a menu!

@belfong Just a tip for you. I like to dock my floating toolbar to the top of my screen and then invoke it with a hotkey. You can do this by going to the Keys tab of the Customize menu setting a new hotkey, choosing a key combo to use and then using this macro:


I use POS=mousel to make the toolbar open on whatever display the mouse is on. APPBAR=top makes it open on top but this can be tweaked. TOGGLE AUTOCLOSE makes it hide once you click a button. Just make sure you put the name of your toolbar in quotes next to Toolbar NAME. It's a nice way to keep useful commands out of the way but easy to get to when you need them.

Leo was kind enough to help me write this.


Thanks @mackid1993 for opening up a new topic and for the tip above.
I find that "Go /desktop FOLDERCONTENT" is good because it will dynamically add an icon when I drop a new file into the Desktop.

On the other hand, though, I have 30+ files in Desktop and it made the toolbar too long and does not fit even on my 38" ultrawide. I decided to create a folder in Desktop call Games and just copy all the Games shortcuts into it. Then, I create a Floating Toolbar for Desktop\Games. I did the same for App. The result is quite nice:

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If you are on a desktop that will work pretty well. You should also be able to lock them to the position you want. In my situation I'm on a laptop and I dock to a dual monitor setup so what you are doing would quickly get moved around in my setup.

I have mine set up like this and I invoke it with a keystroke.

I added two menus now for my Downloads folder and Desktop that dynamically update and sort by date modified.

If it interests you a docked toolbar with menus works really well as well.

Just looking at how you set this up gave me some ideas to try. It’s cool how you set it up. This made me wonder. We should have a “Show off your DOpus screen” thread where we can get inspirations.

Edit: there is such a topic.

I can’t seem to drag the corner of the floating toolbar to create a big window (I want to use it to hide certain corner of the desktop, somewhat mimicking Fences). Is there a way to resize floating toolbar?

You can use spacers to make it bigger if you want. Once it is the size you want then you can adjust the shape by dragging it. Then I would suggest right clicking and locking the position.

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Perfect! Thank you!

No problem, Opus can really do more than it lets on. It's a pretty amazing piece of software. In some ways it replaces most of the Windows shell.

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