Price of version 13

What price for users who already have a V12. if so everything will be done via our opus account when moving to V13? Thank you..

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Does the free upgrade to Opus 13 apply to people who buy upgrade from 11 to 12 now ?

Upgrading to Opus 12 is purchasing Opus 12.


Very interesting news. I've only recently come across Dopus (as in just purchased it a few months ago) and I'm in an instant convert. This is, hands down, one of the best software purchases I've ever made. I've registered for the beta to give it a test, help find any issues, and see what the improvements are. I must admit my first thoughts are along the lines of, "but v12 is already so good, how are you going to improve on that to an extent that I would pay for it again...?". As long as Dopus isn't falling into the category of some software that charges an annual "maintenance" subscription just to be entitled to bugfixes, paying for a genuinely improved product -- even though the previous version was already great -- shouldn't be hard decision.


I've been a loyal user of DOpus for quite a while and have been around this community for most of that time. While, yes, reading what has been written above about paying to upgrade sounds counterintuitive in your position. I would agree, considering if you had waited the x days until v13 was released and then purchased the software, you'd only be paying once.
I can say that Leo and the rest of the band of Developers that I have had the pleasure of learning from and interacting with here are very devoted to their customers, and I would be absolutely flabbergasted if they chose to actually try to do this to you or others in your position. I have this weird nagging thing in my brain saying that I read somewhere on the v13 info pages on the main site they addressed people that have purchased the software within x amount of days of the official release that its either vastly discounted or cost is waived. Maybe I am completely wrong, but I don't know why I would write all of this otherwise.

TLDR; I would be willing to bet my left leg that you aren't going to get screwed like that. This is a great bit of software that I can literally not live without anymore, and I have never seen these guys do anything that screams horrible business practice like that. Please check those download pages and the Beta info page... I think it may be addressed there.

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Just to clarify, I wasn't for a second saying that I think I've been screwed. In fact quite the opposite. It is very evident to me that the quality of the software and their business practices are top notch. It was more a tongue-in-cheek observation that because v12 is already so good, how on earth are you going to better it?

I believe I purchased just before the beta came out, so wouldn't qualify. But they've been transparent about their policy, so I shouldn't complain.

I solely wanted to try and speak an honest review for these guys and this great program if you were reconsidering purchasing it. I don't normally leave reviews but felt like this would be one time I would in case it would alleviate any of your concerns.
To me it just sounded like you wanted to make sure you weren't buying into a company that screwed their customers. Nothing wrong with that :+1:


We haven’t worked out exact details yet, but the upgrade will either be free or more discounted than normal if you bought just before the announcement.

The cut-off for a free upgrade will be a little before the beta announcement. Exact dates aren’t decided yet, but we’ll also give larger discounts to people who don’t quite make the free cut-off.

Basically, we try to ensure there’s never a bad time to buy, and no situation of “if only I had waited one more week”.

After 13 is out of beta, we’re planning to move away from big multi-year versions, so we can put out new changes as soon as they’re written instead of holding them back to build up a bigger release. That’s the plan, at least!


Here's hoping its free. I bought my pro licence about 6 months ago. Had I known there'd be an upgrade this year, I could have waited. But I guess thats the same with anything. Excited to see what happens :slight_smile:

FWIW, I bought my 12 license years and years ago and DOpus has saved me so much money and time that I'm hoping for a paid upgrade just so I can support this software again.

I'm on the 13 beta now and there are many, many improvements that might seem overkill for new 12 users but that I'm very happy to see as somewhat of a "power-user". You'll be glad you upgraded once you get into it!


I appreciate what you're saying, but it's also a big expense for something I only bought 6/7 months ago. I know I don't 'have' to upgrade, and I probably won't for a while, if at all. Lets see what happens though.

I must admit.. i was considering buying more license to support them as well. lol

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Dude. Epic comment. Touche sir, touche.

I will say that this is the one piece of software I have ever used that I have ZERO regrets and/or remorse over purchasing. And believe me, I am a stingy SOB when it comes to software.


I will as usual buy licenses for my main computers. I would not have lived through working without Dopus with the hobbies I have, and now, its time for a long awaited upgrade!


@Leo Out of curiosity is the discount going to have tiers. For example I bough Opus 12 in Nov 2022. Is the discount going to be different for someone like me that bought my license a year ago vs someone who bought their license in 2017 for example?

I spoke with Jon, when I upgrade I'll be adding a third seat at the same time so I'll be contacting sales to get that sorted. Thanks for your help! Opus 13 is really getting stable, hopefully we'll see the full release soon!!

Exact details haven't been decided yet, but in the past we've used a sliding scale. Everyone who owns the previous version will get a discount on the new one, and people who bought more recently may get a larger discount or even a free upgrade if they bought really close to (or after) the announcement.

Once we're ready to sell the new version, you'll be able to get a personalised quote via our website which takes purchase date into account.

(Assuming it works as it did in the past, at least. This isn't my department, and the details aren't set yet, so nothing I say here is definitive/official. But that's how it worked last time.)


Thanks Leo. I only wish I discovered you guys earlier. My only regret is coming across Directory Opus in 2022 and not many years ago! It has completely transformed the way I work. It helps me both personally and professionally and has replaced many other tools that I was using in the past. For example I was using a tool called RoyalTS to manage RDP sessions however now I can just do this with a floating toolbar in Opus and a menu that lists the servers I need to connect to!

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We're happily looking forward to upgrading our licenses.

One of the best software purchases we've ever made!