Price of version 13

Iā€™m considering purchasing Fences because my desktop is a mess and somehow, Windows 10 loves to mess up my arrangements once a while. How can Dopus replaced Fences? Do you have any tip on this?

Floating toolbars

Not exactly what I had in mind. Floating toolbar means I have to customize each button to launch an app or to edit a file - it's not 'drag and drop' from Desktop to the toolbar, which I imagined what Fences could do. Thanks though. There are some app I may put into the toolbar to reduce the clutter, somewhat.


You can drag and drop shortcuts on to it. Open shell:start menu or shell:common start menu.

Thanks for the tip. My research to what you pointed lead me to


which will generate everything shortcut, files, etc in the Desktop as a floating toolbar, which meet my requirement. Now I just need to "beautify" it some what or, find a way to create multiple floating toolbar for Apps, Games, Files, etc

I think we have derailed this topic too much.. sorry, everyone. Thanks @mackid1993

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No problem, if you want to make a new thread and ping me I can try and help you. Opus can do a lot and it isn't always visible on the Surface. Fences is a buggy mess btw.

Is release still targeted for January? Any info on upgrade pricing? I'm setting aside 60 USD but not sure if that is enough or if I need more.


Wasn't upgrade to 13 was promised to be free to those who bought 12 after the announcement of 13? That's why I bought it recently, you don't have to wait until release.

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Navigate to this page and all of your questions regarding pricing and whether or not 13 has been released will be answered. Much less tiresome than asking here over and over. And over.


We're getting close to the end of January, just wondering if the beta certificate will be extended or if release is imminent? I really want to give you guys money!! Opus 13 is amazing!

You'll be able to give us money soon, don't worry. :slight_smile:


Awesome! I honestly can't wait to upgrade, you guys deserve it for all of your hard work not to mention the great support you all provide on the forum here.


Doing my daily work it just struck me that I appreciate Dopus so much (and have done since the Amiga times) that I want to pay for it again. I was very happy to see that version 13 is on its way and I'm really looking forward to purchasing the upgrade.

Thanks for all your work during the years guys. Looking at it now, we basically grew old together :slight_smile:


Same, finally DOpus13 offers the coloring I really wanted for W11, happy to pay the devs what they deserve.

How much discount for those who bought recently or not so recent is a returning debate/question.
How about this method?
Start with a 100% discount which reduces by x% every further in the past.

If the discount is 0.2% a day, those who bought Opus 300 days ago get a 40% discount.
Obviously the discout should be capped.

It already works that way. :slight_smile:

I will buy a new license since the price of the upgrade is equal to buying a new license in my country. DOpus 13 is awesome.

Is it possible to upgrade only one of multiple keys? I have one machine that I don't really want to upgrade to Opus 13, it's fine on 12. Maybe later I'll upgrade to 13. I know it's not a huge cost, but still...

Edit: And relatedly, if I do upgrade both licences, will Opus 12 keep working if I don't want to make any changes?