Forcing lister to sort by column other than 'Name"

G'day all.
At the moment I'm feeling ... well ... pretty dumb.

I'm running DO Pro 12.67 on Win10.

I have read a post similar to what I want to do.

I have gone to Preferences > Folder formats and selected as shown

I then set up Default Format > User Default as below.
I don't want File Type and want to sort by Date & Time, not filename as shown below.

I apply these settings, exit Settings and save this layout as 'Default lister' (and 'Save This Lister' as well).

I then shut down DO and re-open either by double click on desktop or select DO from task bar.
Annoyingly, DO starts with 'Type' column included and sorting by name. Grrrrrr ...

What am I doing wrong and/or what have I missed?
This is driving me nuts!

ANY help from you gurus will be welcome and appreciated.

There are several more folder formats in your list. To find out which one overruled the default, use the padlock:

Type isn't the default sort column, so it must've been set in one/some of the formats and could be changed back in the same way.

But if you just want all your folders to look the same, there's a much easier way:

G'day Ixp and Leo.

YESSSSS! I KNEW there would be a guru (or two) out there!

Hovering over the 'Lock', Ixp, told me the defaults were from the top level of the drives.

The 'Folder Formats' was the thing I was overlooking, Leo, and applying it to the whole drive, not just the current folder, was exactly the setting I needed.

:tada: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thanks so much & best regards

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