Freeze moving iPhone photos after Win10 Photos app creates folders

I have Windows 10 set to Open PHOTOS automatically when I plug in my iPhone. I do this to let PHOTOS find any new pics and then save them to my computer. I then use DO to create new folders and move the pics to the correct folders. Now DO 12.14-15 will freeze when I try to move the pics around after PHOTOS has created the folders. Has anyone else seen this? I love DO. Very powerful. But, pretty expensive for this kind of problem to happen. I am now using multiple windows of File Explorer and it is quite stable. I am disappointed. I hope their is a fix soon.

Is the Windows 10 photos app really involved here? Does it matter if it is opened or not, or if the folders are created by it or by something else?

Toggling the Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Troubleshooting]: mtp_enable may help with stability on some MTP devices. That's the first thing I would try.

How are you moving the files? e.g. Drag & Drop, or the Move button on the toolbar? Trying a different method can sometimes help. (Drag & Drop is usually the most complex method, with more points of failure if the device/drivers have bugs.)

Is it a full freeze, or a temporary one?

If the freeze still happens after trying those things, please make a manually generated crash dump of the Opus process while it is frozen. That may provide detail on the cause, or at least where the freeze is happening, and if it is in our code or an OS or 3rd part component.

Yes, the Photos App is used. I have been doing this for a long time. This problem just started happening maybe 2 upgrades ago. I toggled mtp_enable to no avail. It completely stops Opus in its tracks. It does not matter about moving the files any more because Opus is dead when I go to do any moving. No dump file was created with these freezes.

Please make a manually generated dump file and send it in.

I sent in the manually created dump files.

We've been trying to reproduce this but can't. Can you please confirm exactly the steps taken to make Opus freeze?

  1. Plug-in iPhone XS Plus
  2. PHOTOS opens and begins looking for new photos to transfer from phone
  3. (Opus is already running)
  4. After PHOTOS completes the process and puts the pics in folders that it has created I go to Opus and begin moving them to the proper locations on my computer
  5. But, OPUS is not responding and I have to shut it down and restart it
  6. Then I move the pics
  7. Other programs that may be open at the time: VPN Unlimited, Word, Chrome (But, I have shut them all down and repeated the process and it happened any way.)
  8. I am plugging my iPhone into the same port that I always have

Thanks for the extra information.

We've made a change in the latest beta which hopefully will help. Please give it a try and let us know how you get on.