Group files in lister?

I've been looking around for an option, but havn't found one. Is it possible to group files in a lister view in DOpus like you can do with the regular Windows Explorer?

Check included screenshot to see what I mean.

Click Image for larger view.

No. For the odd occasion when you want this view you could setup an 'explorer' button to open the current source folder in Windows Explorer.

explorer.exe /root,{sourcepath}

Better than nothing I suppose.

You could try posting a feature request on the official site:

I am also looking for this feature. I'm new to dopus--can someone explain how to do the hack in the last post--or better yet (since this is old) point out a way to actually get the grouping feature to work in folders other than system folders?

Please stop replying to every single thread on this subject. One reply is enough. Spamming the forum with posts about the same subject is not helping anyone.

I think this is a fair post--i'm asking for feedback specific to something unique that was posted earlier by another user in this thread--did you catch that?

If you want to know how to use the command in Steve's post, the video tutorial on toolbar editing is a good place to start.

All it will do is open the current folder in a separate Explorer window, though. (The same as opening Explorer and navigating to the folder.) It won't make grouping work inside of Opus.

Thanks Leo--I'll give it a look.