Hey, not bad at all!

Looks very new & unusual, but changes can be very inspiring. Looking forward to check all the details with the new website. :hamburger:


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Really interesting -- this new look definitely requires getting used to (especially if it will remain as it is) -- but the Discourse forum system is modern and offers lots of advanced features -- after the initial shock (and getting used to) I'm sure the users will be delighted with this upgrade of the forum system!

Where am I? :slight_smile: Really need getting used to as old style is standard in most forums.

Definetely Android-contact-style.

We'll probably tweak the style later on.

I feel there's a bit too much white space everywhere, and not enough divisions between different elements, but I'm starting to get used to it already so maybe we're all too used to the old forum and need to wait a bit, I don't know.

Lots of other things need fixing first, though.

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We'll be fine in matter of days. :slight_smile:

I've been on sites with Discourse for quite a while. I'm pretty used to it. I like how clean it is, visually. But, a "dark theme" option would be cool. Keep it going, Leo and Jon (and Doc Greg back there somewhere)!


It doesn't look like Discourse currently supports that, based on Letting users select different themes.

I had my test server set to the dark theme and ran into some issues with it, the worst being that it was very hard to tell normal and bold text apart, which would be very bad for readability of some of our guides.

I may try to tone down the pure white, but haven't delved into customisation yet.

Is it only me or the Scripting Development forum hasn't yet emerged? :slight_smile:

The scripting area has been merged into Help & Support, with a new scripting tag that can be used to filter on just threads related to scripting.

A way to make (some of) the tags more discoverable might be nice, but I haven't looked into that yet.

I can't see any extra tags section, so does it mean that putting "#scripting" word somewhere in the post itself would be sufficient?

When you start a new thread there is an option to add tags to it.

It may only be there after you've used the forum for longer and gained levels (I haven't dug into that side of things much yet).

We can add missing tags for now.

Ok, thanks, so I will proceed to best of my attempt now :slight_smile:

Ok, so - there it was - at the bottom of new post, thanks Leo.

The Discourse keyboard shortcuts are very handy for rapid navigation. :+1:

SSL / HTTPS now works.

This should mean all old URLs to phpBB forum threads now work and are redirected to their new Discourse URLs (assuming the threads still exist at all, of course).

Leo, can I add new tags to the topic, or you need to do it? I just tried and it won't let me add it.

I can add some if they're needed. Which ones do you want?

I'm not sure anymore if it would be a good idea from your point of view.

I'm not sure, but I believe you would like to keep them under control to keep forum out of mess, unlike, say, Twitter where end-users may enter anything they please. So, if it it would be free concept, I would just enter several tags like #cbr, #cbz, #cb7, #ComicBook.

I'm not sure about using tags for those since they should already be easy to search for without missing too many posts or getting too many unrelated posts at the same time.

That gives me an idea of something we could try though. We could have an area on the forum where anyone can create a wiki post where they keep a list of useful threads and other information on a particular topic that they think others can find useful. You can also invite other people to help maintain any wiki post you create (or keep it private if you prefer). Would that be useful? I've only just thought of it so I don't know myself, but it seems an interesting idea.

The list of FAQs could probably be split up into a few similar wiki posts that link to the FAQs in different subjects, too.

Wiki posts can be edited forever, and can be collaborative (or not). I haven't looked into the exact details yet so there may be more to them than that, but I think those are the main things.

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