New Forum To-Do List

There is lots to edit, fix and reorganise, so the forum will be changing a bit over the next few days.

The old forum has been preserved at in case it is needed. We'll take it down at some point in the future.


  • All images and attachments should be restored to posts now, and downloads should all have proper filenames. If you notice any broken images or download links, please let me know.

  • SSL / HTTPS enabled.

  • All avatars should be restored, for people who had them. I switched some people to use their Gravitar where they had the same image for both that and the old forum, figuring that's what they'd want, but generally kept people's distinct images if they had them.

    • 13/Feb/2017: Found more avatars which failed in a different way to the first batch. Should be fixed now.
  • All old forum URLs (of the types people actually used) have been regenerated and should now work again (as long as the threads still exist, obviously). This includes forum areas (Help & Support, Scripting, etc.; some now link to tags within categories), threads, and individual posts within threads. Your old bookmarks should now work, and URLs pointed to by script add-ins, old threads, and so on.

    • 9/Feb/2017: Found a bunch of old URLs that still didn't redirect. They should ALL be fixed now, as long as the posts themselves still exist on the new forum.
  • I found some users who had swapped names (e.g. Steve became Steve1 because someone else became Steve, due to naming restrictions and the way the importer worked). Those have been fixed as best I can. Some accounts had to be renamed (and already had been by the importer). If you can't find your account, try the password reset option and give it your email address rather than name. Failing that, please get in touch.

  • Account linking system is now in place:

  • Downloads threads should be editable now.

  • Dark theme (optional).

  • Organise the downloads area. (Now done and split into top-level forums.)

  • Fix some formatting issues in old threads which are still important (FAQs, downloads, etc.). (Done AFAIK, although Discourse changes broke some BBCode so there may still be some issues. Let us know if you find any threads with code etc. that looks wrong or confusing.)

Won't do:

  • Enable sign-up via Google/Facebook, etc. (as long as it doesn't break account linking).

    Realised that I hate this on other sites. Can never remember which account was used for which sites, so it is an anti-convenience.

  • Hopefully find a way to make 200% DPI screenshots work better, so small ones are not made enormous.

    No easy way to do this. Discourse may add support somehow but they aren't sure how best to do it either. Better to scale images down if needed, and they are auto-scaled if really large, anyway.

  • See if we can improve how new/unread posts are highlighted.

    Not sure there is a good way to do this. Have another idea, but it involves writing a custom plugin, which is more long-term.


Mine is gone, as well as signature.

I'll have another look at avatars. Maybe there was more than one type of problem with the import if them.

The concept of signatures is gone entirely with Discourse. That part is not an error.

Avatars which were still missing should be back now.

Thank you Leo!

Account linking is now added to the new forum, and can be done via here:

We've linked a lot of people already, but still have some more to do. If your account was linked but isn't yet, don't panic. It should be fixed up soon. But if you want, you can re-link it using the URL above, provided your username has not changed.

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Most linked accounts should now be linked.

A few aren't, which is because their forum and registration email addresses are different, and the original linking was done a long time ago. (We track things better now, but don't have a good way to restore those cases.)

If that includes you, please paste your reg code into Account Linking and it will fix things up in a jiffy.

If you notice anything incorrect about your account's linking status and can't correct it that way, get in touch and we can fix it up.

And was it worth it?
I mean a vibrant forum like this any update/upgrade must be a pain in the neck.
Forum software has become better. Was about time too. :wink:

Nice designs do help a lot in attracting people, ever thought of adding some themes like
Bitcoin and how it works? Its quite interesting.

I love it. I hope to see theme option in user settings. I hate the light theme and prefer the dark ones.

Discourse have that on their roadmap, FWIW.

You can also override the CSS manually, which some people are doing.

There's an option for a dark theme now. See here.

I've added a header to the top of the forum with some useful links and the current versions. This replaces the old banner that would appear at the top after a new version was released.

It is only visible when you're scrolled to the top of the page. Scrolling down a bit will hide it, so it doesn't always use up extra space.

If you don't like it, you can turn it off by choosing one of the new Light (No Header) or Dark (No Header) themes:

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