How can I add OneDrive's Share & related items to Dopus Context Menu?

OneDrive items appear in File Explorer's right click context menu but not in Dopus. How can I add these missing items to the Dopus right-click context menu?

Additional Info:
The missing items include Share, View online, & Choose OneDrive folders to sync

Do they appear if you hold Shift when right-clicking?

The OneDrive items are still missing when I hold the shift key and click the right mouse button.

However, several additional items are included with the context menu (for both Dopus & File Explorer) when I right click while holding the shift key. They are:

  • Open in new process
  • Open Powershell window here
  • Open Command Prompt Here
  • Copy as path*

*File Explorer includes item without holding the shift-key.

Are you using OneDrive for organisations/business/school, or the home version of OneDrive?

Something seems to stop the menu items appearing for some people in Windows 11, while they work for other people, but we aren't sure what. It seems to be tied to the type of OneDrive in use, but it also works for some people using both types.

I use Personal (home) OneDrive. This is indicated by the white OneDrive cloud icon showing in the system tray. A blue cloud is for a work account.

Update: With a fresh Windows 11 & OneDrive install, I observe that disabling OneDrive's Files On-Demand setting also prevents the OneDrive section from showing in the Dopus context menu. Additionally, status icons and attributes no longer appear as expected:

The ONLY change made, before this next screenshot was taken, was to enable OneDrive's Files On-Demand setting:

File Explorer's behavior remains unchanged regardless of the setting's value.
I hope this information helps to address this issue.

I too see this behavior and would like a fix for it.

Please try the 12.27.2 beta and let us know if it still an issue.

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Thanks Jon, so far it works fine.


Using 12.9, option seems to be gone again. Was using the beta above for a while, which was working. Windows 11, OneDrive Build 23.086.0423.0001 (64 Bit)

Did you really mean 12.9, or a more recent version? 12.9 is older than the beta above, not newer.

Totally right, I'm a dunce. Updater was stalling out so I installed 12.31. Button's back, thanks for the quick help!

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