Onedrive related context menu items

Not sure if I should have added to this blog
How can I add OneDrive's Share & related items to Dopus Context Menu?
Or start a new topic?
Please advise so I know for next time?

Reading the blog above I see there is a fix in Directory Opus 12.27.2 (Beta):
Fix for OneDrive context menus not appearing when Files On Demand is turned off.

In my case certain context menu items are missing though I have Onedrive Files on Demand enabled. (Box 1 in pretty pic below)
The context menu items I am after are shown in Box 3.

I have just upgraded to current Directory Opus 12.29 but no change.

Should they be appearing in my Opus context menu?
I have a very bespoke context menu as you can see.
Most of that customisation predates Onedrive.
Still maybe I have broken something?
Thanks for any reply.....

Do they appear if you hold the shift key down?

Indeed they do

So presumably you've turned off Windows context menu items by default using the Preferences / Miscellaneous / Windows Integration / Hide Windows items on file context menus option. You'll need to add a command to the context menu to specifically add the OneDrive menu items if you want them always visible.

Try adding this command to the context menu (All Files & Folders is probably where you want to put it):


Yes indeed it turns out I do have Windows context menu items turned off.
And blow me down your context menu entry gives me precisely what I need!
Amazing! Stupendous!
Thank you Jon wonderful.....

I see there is an internal command FileType and the CONTEXTFORCE switch specifically overrides the Hide Windows items on file context menus option you have mentioned above.

For those who have the stomach here are the switches used in the command:

What exactly is a GUID?
Well I am reading here Tip: Organise and Speed-Up Context Menus to try and find out....

thanks again Jon appreciate it

GUID = Globally Unique IDentifier, basically a very very very big number that uniquely identifies something (anything), in this case a context menu extension.

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