How to change the language Opus uses

Below are some alternative ways to change the language of your Directory Opus installation.

Via Preferences (the usual, simple way):

In Opus, go here to select another language from the list:

  • Settings > Preferences / Display / Language

Of course, doing that may be difficult if Opus is running in a language you do not understand. :slight_smile: H

However, don't worry, if you can't work out what the menus say:

  • Type >Prefs PAGE=Language into the main Opus file display window to open the Preferences window on the Language page.

    (When you type the > a command field should appear at the bottom of the file display, where you can then type the rest of the command.)

Command to change to a specified language:

Alternatively, you can tell Opus to switch to a specific language via the command line.

Before doing this you must fully exit Opus. (Closing all the windows isn't normally enough as the program continues in the background, by default. See How to Exit Directory Opus.)

After exiting, run this command from a Command Prompt, or via the Win+R dialog box, in Windows:

"C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopus.exe" language=english

Of course, you should change the path if you have Opus installed in a non-standard location.

If you go to C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Language you can see which languages/names are available. (Do not include the .dll part of the filenames.)