Inability to save or deleted files

When I'm working on a file in Photoshop 7.0, Directory Opus 8 will not allow me to save it. Frequently, I'll save a file multiple times as I make changes to it. Usually these saves are executed within Photoshop just fine. But periodically (without any apparent reason), after a few saves, the next one won't be allowed--it says the file's in use. So I have to save the file under a different name, exit Directory Opus (including shutting down the icon in the system tray), and then launch Directory Opus again. Usually this releases the file, but not always--sometimes I have to reboot to free up the file.

Also, sometimes after a final successful save operation, I'll enter Directory Opus and try to move or copy the file to another folder. Many times (but not always) I'll get an error message that the file is in use by another program and the file operation can't be completed. In these cases, I either have to disengage Directory Opus (by closing the application and closing out the Directory Opus icon in the system tray). I also have to close out the application (e.g., Photoshop). Sometimes even this doesn't release the file, and I have to reboot.

I don't have this problem with my other file management program (PowerDesk Pro 6.0) or with the native Windows Explorer...only with Directory Opus open.

Can you please give me some guidance on this?

Thanks very much!

Install Unlocker and try to recreate your results. Then right click on the file or folder you cannot delete and run Unlocker to see what process is locking the file.

Hello drmacro,

I have a question.
Are you viewing your work in the DOpus viewer when you attempt to save it?

Anyone else?
That he can save it as a different filename is very interesting.


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Ken posted his reply as I was typing mine.

Yeah like Porc says above, make sure your Viewer Window and Viewer Pane do not have the file open as well.

You can drive the car or let the mechanic work on it, but not both at the same time.

If it's happening when the viewer isn't in use, try disabling Shell Image Extraction and all the Viewer plugins as well to see if that stops it happening. If it does, enable them one-by one to work out which is causing the issue.

I've saved loads of files (hundreds) from PS 7 and PS CS2 while Opus was looking at the directory so if there is a problem it should be fixable.

I have the same problem, but it always occurs with .pdf files. I am running XP64 and Unlocker appears to not be compatible with XP64. I have to logout and then log back in to get DOpus to release the files. I believe it is whatever process in DOpus that retrieves the author from within the .pdf that somehow leaves the file locked.

The problem is very easy to recreate. Select one or more .pdf files from the right pane and drag them to a new folder. One or more will end up locked and unmoveable.

I am running the version of DOpus.

You should be able to avoid the reboot/logout by exiting Opus instead. By default there's an Exit item in the tray icon's menu.

I have tried exiting both the tray icon and DOpus to no avail.

Can you confirm that the files are still locked even though dopus.exe no longer appears in Task Manager's Processes tab?

If so then it cannot be Opus holding the lock and must be due to something else. (Is AcroRd32.exe in the process list? If so does killing it release the files?)

If dopus.exe stays in the process list after using Exit from the tray then something's gone wrong and is stopping it from shutting down. Note, however, that it's normal for dopus.exe to remain in the list for a few seconds after Opus appears to have shutdown. Longer than 10 seconds or so indicates something's wrong, though, and normally it should stick around for much less time than that.

You were right. I was trying to check it too soon.

If I eliminate the Author, Title and Pages columns then the error does not occur. Now I have a new problem, I can not keep those columns from coming back. I have cleared all custom folder options, I have deleted those colums - applied that change - set all folders to the new format and they keep coming back.

The columns will be coming from one of the formats you haven't looked at. Either a Content Type format or one of the lower-down formats that a higher format is inheriting columns from.

Have a read of the FAQ, or just edit all of your formats to be sure the columns are gone.

Also, close any existing listers in case they're remembering previous formats. (It's useful sometimes but can be confusing when you're trying to verify the results of editing your formats.)