Integration of Voidtools Everything

After a quick googling I don't think the source code of this truly amazing indexed search engine has ever been released. It blows out of the water anything I've ever seen. Blazing fast to index 10TB of hard drives with 2 million files, and a very powerful way of searching. Similar, let's say to how powerful Google search engine is.
Don't you think, as it's free, that it could be possible to make some kind of contract with them in order to integrate Voidtools Everything as the default search engine in Directory Opus ?

Several popular threads about this already:

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I'm sorry Leo. This subject has, indeed, been treated many times.
I don't see a way to delete a thread that we created to clean the forum of doubles. Please feel free to delete this one.
Thank you.

Integration of Voidtools Everything via SDK seems to be faster than the command line.
If DOpus can integration of Voidtools Everything via SDK, I think DOpus does not need to write its own tag database, because Voidtools Everything can index all items and properties.

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