Is it possible to set flat view for selected folders only?

I am wondering if it's possible to select a folder in the lister and set flat view only for that selected folder, while all other folders in the lister stay normal and collapsed. So if my lister contains 10 folders, and I select 2 of those folders, can I invoke flat view for those folders only, while the contents of the remaining 8 folders are not shown?

The reason why I would need this is to quickly view the contents of specific folders and at the same time keep my place in the lister. If I have 30 folders in the lister that contain a lot of files, when I select flat view everything will expand and I'll lose my place in the lister. I'll then have to painstakingly scroll slowly down the long list to find the folder I wanted to view. Any ideas how this might be possible?

There's no way to do that.

You could do something similar using junctions, if it's something you need to do often. Or you could create a button which runs the Find command on either the selected folders or two (or more) hardcoded folders to give you a snapshot of everything within them.

That's too would make performing operations on files and folders very quick and painless. Thanks for the does present a possible workaround but not exactly my style. The tip you previously posted about creating a "Contents" entry in the context menu to allow you to browse through subfolders is also similar; the only shortcoming there is that you can only view the contents, you can't perform operations on them them through drag and drop or right click.

I just had another thought: is it possible to have the folder tree auto expand upon selecting a folder in the lister (without having to actually open it)? So a single left click to select would make the folder tree automatically expand to show all subfolders contained in the selected folder...

Not from just selection in the file display, but you can click on the folder tree itself to expand sub-folders in a single click so that wouldn't seem useful to add to me.

ya, I think you're's somewhat redundant and doesn't really do what I need it to do. Perhaps if it were possible to display not just folders in the folder tree but files as well....that would allow to view the contents of only the selected folder.

This is really an issue for me...when you have a folder that contains many subfolders, it is so cumbersome to have to continuously click through all the folders to get to where you want to go. You could use the folder tree, but that means constantly navigating between the folder and the lister. Doing so makes you lose focus on where you're at because you have to constantly switch your focus between the two panes which are displaying the information in two different ways. I feel the folder tree is an archaic way to navigate.

The closest thing DOpus has to navigating at maximum efficiency is the "Contents" context menu entry you presented. But again, it's lacking in features to be really useful (no operations can be performed on the expanded content and too many clicks are needed to access it). But if it were possible, this would in essence eliminate the need for the folder tree completely; it would be the ideal integration between the lister and folder tree - an immediately accessible folder tree ONLY for the folder you have selected. Jumping to other Drives and directories can be done through favorites or the Drives bar. I'm wondering if other people share the same need or if I'm just too particular and trapped in my own habits...

I just thought of another possible way to achieve what I previously mentioned in the first post and navigate more efficiently in DOpus. I read this post on using flat view: [url]DO9: playing with flatview] and it gave me an idea....not sure if it's possible though.

Is there a way to select a folder in the source lister and then push a button which will show that same folder in the destination lister but in flat view? The post I provided a link to presents the following button which when pressed, selects the same folder in the destination lister as is selected in the source lister:

dopusrt /cmd Select SOURCETODEST

What I'm thinking is that rather than sync the selection of the source and destination listers, the selected folder in the source would then show up in the destination lister but in flat view when the button is pressed. I'm not too good with coding buttons in DOpus and not sure if and how this can be done. Any suggestions?

I just realized that there is a better button command to realize the intended function. What I have so far is:

Set FLATVIEW=Grouped

The only problem is that the flatview is invoked on the source rather than the destination. Is there any way to change this so that flatview is on the destination?

To better clarify the intention, this is like having a "viewer" for folders. Selecting a folder in the source and clicking the button would show you all the contents of the selected folder in the destination lister.

Okay, I seem to have figured it out. Here's the button code:

Set FOCUS=Right SOURCE=Right
Set FOCUS=Left
Set FLATVIEW=Grouped

You can always set the third line to Focus=Right if you prefer shifting immediately over to the flatview to perform operations. I would however like to extend this even further by having this command invoked automatically when I select a file in the source lister (without even having to press a button). Is this possible?

I guess I've been replying to my own posts, but FWIW, in case someone else finds this useful, I've set the button command to execute on double-click using the File Types Editor (and open folders with a single click which can be set in the DOpus preferences). So now whenever I want to view the contents of folders I just simply double-click the folder to view. If the File Types Editor doesn't offer you any mouse hotkeys that you like, you can simply set a regular hotkey In DOpus to perform the button action, and then remap the key using autohotkey to something more preferable. In case anyone is interested, this is an example of the autohotkey commands:

#IfWinActive ahk_class dopus.lister

In the example above, I set the keyboard shortcut command in DOpus to "Control + Shift + Q", and then remapped it in autohotkey to "Control + Shift + Left Mouse Button" as is represented above.

Hope someone else might find this useful.

An old post, so sorry for the necro, but wanted to say I appreciate you working on this yaramorgan. Was just about the ask the same thing, and now see you've solved it. Cheers.