Locked tabs jump to end of tab list accidentally

In my setup, I have several tabs open. A few in the beginning (left side) are locked (allowing folder changes). I've noticed that often, when I change out of a locked tab into another tab, the locked tab jumps to the end of the tab list (right side). This is annoying. What is causing this?
Some more information:
I've noticed that this happens (I think, not sure) when I change the directory of the locked tab. So, when I click into another tab, the locked tab wants to go back to it's locked (home) directory. However, when it does this, the tab itself jumps to the end of my tab list. I don't know why this happens. This is me just guessing, but I think that when the tab has to switch back to the home directory, there is a slight pause (my computer may be slow or my DOpus setup may be too complex), and maybe during that slight pause, DOpus thinks I am dragging the tab across the tab bar. But I'm not, I'm just clicking on another tab.

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long time no post dude. I tried to repro what you've described, but came up with nothing. Try providing steps from opening a new lister with a minimum of customizations (or describe if the 'locked' tabs you're using are part of a saved layout, or loaded from a tab group or something) that we can use to try and replicate. Maybe the steps are tried are missing a key piece of whatever YOU'RE doing in order to bump into this...

Hi steje, yeah, I'm still around (didn't think anyone remembered, thanks!).

Anyway, as far as replicating what the problem, I don't know what to say. I don't think it's a bug or anything like that where a specific process will make it behave this way. It has to do more with the speed of the computer and the processing that happens as you switch around tabs. To me, it just feels like DOpus has to "think" a little bit as I switch the tabs, and in the process, the locked tab jumps to the end when it is trying to return to the home directory. I mean, I can post a screenshot of my setup but I don't think it will help.
I have two panes and a tree open. I have anywhere from 8-10 tabs open per pane, and 2 or 3 of those will be locked. Some are showing local drives, some are showing network drives. I also have the automatically calculating sizes of directories turned on. THe point is, when I switch tabs, there is a lot of processing going on, and that pause cause the problem I think.

It's probably not DOpus' fault, I just wanted to make sure there wasn't a fix already out there.