Mass delete Path formats

Since finding salvation w/ the EverythingFolderSize tweak -

dOpus has since slammed to a freezing crawl to load even normal folders.

Going into Prefs > Folders > Folder Formats , I discovered an incredible number of old saved Path Formats from at least several years ago based upon ancient partition setups - I tend to have 18 - 20 partitions over 2-3 internal drives.

So I just de-selected the entire batch - maybe 300 - 500 ?
and now I want to mass delete them all but can't find a way to do that -
Is There A Way ?

I just wanted to start with a brand new situation again -
I've uninstalled 12.32 and returned to 12.31, moved/disabled the EverythingFolderSize scripts for now,
and figure it can't hurt to un-burden dOpus from all these obsolete entries.

Thank you for help.

Delete /dopusdata/Formats/ or edit with a Texteditor.



@Hardkorn - thx very much - I did load this in Notepad++ ,
played with it for awhile, and learned some things!

Also - previously < Preferences > had literally been taking 30 - 40 seconds to display -
now that I've severely deleted almost everything in the Path Folder section,
it's opening up immediately - like the 'good old days' :slight_smile:

Thanks again --

  • Anyone else traveling this path for a solution to deleting one-by-one, etc - -
    it always pays to "RTFM" such as here:

b/c you learn that a simple check box under "Folder Options" > Save... >

2nd bullet "Save format for all folders (make this the default)" >

CHECKBOX > "Clear any saved folder formats"

will accomplish instantly what took me .5 - 1 hour to figure out!