Momentary Freezing in Windows 10


My IT company's client is using Directory Opus in their Engineering department. They had been using verison 11 with Windows 7.

Due to Windows 7 End of life, we are testing upgrading to Windows 10. I have installed Microsoft Windows 10 Pro v1803 with the latest patches.

I have also installed and licensed the latest version of Directory Opus.

The issue I am having is intermittent Freezing when using directory Opus, the program will stop responding for 10-30 seconds periodically through the day and the users are taking issue.

I know this is not a lot to go on, but there is nothing in Event viewer to help.

30 second freezes are usually caused by something trying to access a network drive which is inaccessible (as in no longer on the network, not access permissions). Could something like that be happening?

Other possible causes of temporary freezes are discussed in these two guides, but if they're usually 30 (more or less exactly) seconds long then that's the most likely cause.

Making some manually-generated crashdumps during a freeze can reveal the cause (you'll need to link your account for us to look at the dumps, please):

Process Monitor can also help track down the cause, but may be difficult in this case as it would need to be logging before the problem begins, which is a problem if you can't predict when it happens. (It can use a lot of memory if left logging all day, and impact performance.)