No refresh on renaming, deleting etc

Installed the last 12.17 versionI I found an unpleasant issue. When I do someting changing the content of the lister (renaming a file or a folder), deleting etc. I can't see the changed content at once. To see it I should go into another folder and then get back to the original one.

  1. When I delete a file I can see it here still alive.
  2. When I rename a file it is duplicated. I can see both old and new renamed one.
    Only manually going forth and back I can see the actual content.
    Updating to beta 4 can't help.
    Please fix it.

(I'm assuming you mean 12.17.4 and not 12.4.)

Make sure Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Troubleshooting]: no_external_change_notify is set to the default False value.

If it doesn't happen in all folders, the type of folder involved can be important. (e.g. libraries, network drives, etc.)

If you still have problems in this area:

  1. Sure 12.17.4
  2. Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Troubleshooting]: no_external_change_notify is False.
  3. All disks and folders.
  4. Windows Explorer has no this issue in the same folders.
  5. It's not network but local drives, system and data.

I did a DebugView. Where I can send it?

Zip and send via private message here if you want. But please link your account first.

Zipped but see no option to send a private message. Also can't link the account because got an evaluation copy of Dopus. Was gonna buy next month but with this issue... not sure now...

You should be able to send private messages now.

Click here to send one: private message

Make sure you've tried rebooting to see if the problem goes away.

I got this issue since I installed Dopus a month ago. So I rebooted about 30 times, once a day. With no help.
I will send a log tomorrow in the morning.

Another thing to check, as it can block notifications from reaching the process:

I never manually run Dopus as admin. Just open it clicking a shortcut on a status bar. Btw I’m on the last release of Windows 10 64 bit.

Sent the log.

The log seems to indicate Opus is seeing changes made on C:\ OK, but I don't know what to look for in it.

What were some of the files you deleted or renamed that should be in the log but aren't? Please give full paths.

A Process Monitor log or what happens when renaming/deleting a few of the affected files might also be worthwhile, so we can see what it thinks is happening:

  • Download Microsoft's Process Monitor and extract the zip somewhere. (No installation is required.)

  • Double-click Procmon.exe to launch it and accept the default filters.

  • Make sure it is logging filesystem events. It should be by default, by just in case, make sure the Procmon_Filesystem icon is activated, so the toolbar looks like this:


  • With Process Monitor still logging, perform the action in Opus, then wait about 10 seconds.

  • Back in Process Monitor, use File > Save, select the Native Process Monitor Format (PML), and save the log to somewhere.

  • Zip up the log. It will be quite large if not compressed, but much smaller when added to a zip file.

  • Send the result to or via a private message. Don't post the log publicly, just in case it contains anything you don't want the world to see.

Hmmm... I thought all my activities were recorded to the log so I'm not sure the actual file names I renamed. They should be in Downloads follder: C:\Users\Fokin-EvgA\Downloads
That's all I remember.
Ok, I will try with Process Monitor and be back soon.

Sent a private message with a log

Thanks for the log! But I still don't know what to look for in it. Which actions did you do while making the Process Monitor log that I should look for?

I had a look in both the old and new log for items related to the Downloads folder, and it looks like events are coming through OK for that folder, but the only events in that folder (both according to Opus and Process Monitor) while either log was being taken were to do with Process Monitor and Debug View themselves.

It might be best to start again:

  • Start both programs logging.
  • Rename (etc.) some files and make a note of which ones.
  • Save the logs.
  • Send us the new logs and details of the files that were modified.

Sent two new logs and description.

Got a similar issue after updating to v12.17.4 from beta .3, in my case the lister was not refreshing while performing CRT+X/V on files to another lister, i had to use F5 to update the lister.
Killing Dopus.exe/dopust.exe and starting the app again solved the issue (no reboot needed).

Many thanks!

The problem is clear from the logs now.

When files are being renamed, Opus is told the new name but not the old name, so it doesn't know which file was just renamed. The information is not being sent to it by the operating system.

This looks like a problem caused by Kaspersky, which the logs show is on the machine:

Maybe you're right but this problem occurs only in Dopus.
Windows Explorer and Total Commander have no this issue.
Why the info isn't being sent to Dopus but is being sent to Total Commander? It's a bit strange.
Unfotrunately I can't turn off Kaspersky.
But maybe you can do some things to receive this info from OS as Total Commander does.