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Open Lister using a Macro Program

How can I open a Lister from a macro program, Macro Express?

Welcome, Bob!

It appears Macro Express will let you open/launch programs using this feature:

On the Directory Opus side, you'll want to read up on DOpusRT.exe. It's a program that, in essence, talks to the main DOpus program. DOpusRT is mainly used to allow other programs invoke DOpus and apply settings, open lister windows, etc. Here's the manual entry for DOpusRT.exe:!Documents/DOpusRT_Reference.htm

By the way, may I suggest you link your forum account to your DOpus account?


By the way, may I suggest you link your forum account to your DOpus account?
I think I'm now hooked up to Opus 12.?

I'm trying to open OneNote to a of a Book."
P:\OneNote\!Permit\!Permit\ (at times I might want to open to a "PAGE". Using the macro, is it possible to open OneNote to this extent.

I'm still working at it. But I decided not to use macro express, macro program, to load the Lister. I'm also using Nuance Dragon professional 15. It lets me load any program and also URLs. I know if I click on my desktop I have access to all my Llisters. Everything I do is through a voice command. So I'm hoping Opus has a way to execute a Lister that I ask you to.
Can you help.

Continued in Open a list or with voice command

I'm still working on this issue. I am now trying to use nuance Dragon Command Browser to create an advanced script, DVC. The above code looks similar to what I might use:
Sub Main!Documents/DOpusRT_Reference.htm
End Sub

My Lister name is !wrk. Somehow there must be a method to execute a Lister.

I'm trying to open a Lister from the desktop. The following is the code I'm using:

ShellExecute "C:!AX!UTY!Opus\dopusrt.exe/cmd go c:\Lister !wrk=0,0,640,480"
End Sub

I'm using Command Browser advanced scripting within Nuance Dragon version 15.
My directory Opus is loaded in the following directory:

From what I saw in the Opus help files I put together the following:
dopusrt.exe/cmd go c:\Lister !wrk=0,0,640,480

!wrk is the Lister I'm trying to load. It

Are you trying to open a layout named !wrk ?

If so, this might be what you want:

"C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /cmd Prefs LAYOUT=!wrk
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Yes, !wrk. I'm using Nuance Dragon Pro v15, Command Browser, Advanced Scripting DVC.
Sub Main
ShellExecute "C:!AX!UTY!Opus\dopusrt.exe"/cmd Prefs LAYOUT=!wrk"
End Sub

Currently as I try to save this command, with Dragon Command Browser, I get an error message:
Please, correct syntax errors before saving a macro.

You know if I ever get this figured out's going to be like having a hold the life. Hopefully I will have a perfect marriage between Opus, Dragon and CintaNotes.. Currently only CintaNotes and Dragon are like a marriage in heaven. Hopefully Opus will blend right in. When I accomplish this I will have the slickest system the site of the Pacific, including MS OneNote.

I just tried running part of it in my taskbar- address.
Would not work:- C:!AX!UTY!Opus\dopusrt.exe
Worked - C:!AX!UTY!Opus\dopus.exe
I don't now if that makes any sense. I''m just shooting darts all over the place hoping that something will stick.

I know and appreciate your help on this matter over the last several years. I'm just having a hard time given up.

You're missing a space in front of the /cmd. You also have an errant " at the end of the line.

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Forgive an old fellow for his ignorance, but what's with the exclamation points in the path?

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Finally I can go to sleep. Thank you John and the many many others that help me get this point. You have made more than my day.

DesertDwarf. One old fellow to another. The exclamation helps me keep key directories, folders, to the top. I also use, !-Microsoft, for main topic directories, note the - after the !. Subfolders could be like the following display. Subdirectories might be Excel, Word, etc.. What would be nice if I could just tag a directory making it a master directory.
!-Microsoft!Excel (! keeps Excel to the top of the display.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way, in Opus, to control directory location, the order of their display? I guess it would be the same if you numbered your directories, 1,2,3, etc. I used Microsoft in the above example just for a marker. I have many many master folders to keep track of, thank you Opus.
Sorry, you Asked?

Thanks for the explanation. It was weird seeing the ! in place of where a \ would usually appear. Strange to see a sibling product (Excel) get a directory above the level of its fellow siblings (Word and OneNote). Since this didn't change the natural sort order much (which would be in E, O, W order...E still being first), I'm guessing you wanted to save on double-clicking into Excel one layer.

Have you tried manual sorting?

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I guess I'm not quite there yet. I'm still trying to open Opus, displaying my layout called OPUSUTY. I'm including an image of MyCommand Editor.
Location of Directory Opus: a:\ax!uty\opus

The quotes might be in the wrong place but I don't know the program you are using or the syntax it expects.

What are you trying to do, anyway?

If you just want to open a layout via a hotkey, you can do that from Opus without involving anything else.

I'm trying to open Directory Opus and a Lister layout called opusUTY, one at a time. Once I know how to do this I will be opening many different folders with this code, based on different Lister layouts.

I'm using a program called Dragon that will allow me to simply say "Opus U-T-Y", which in turn will open up Opus and whichever Lister needed. I will be substituting the name of my different layouts with Opus U-T-Y.

If you press Windows-R to bring up the Run dialog and type that command in, does it work? It looks like it should. If it doesn't work, what happens?


The following does not give me an error message when (Win R) closes. But it does not load Opus.

A:\AX\!UTY\opus\dopusrt.exe  /cmd Prefs LAYOUT=opusUTY

The following load's Opus but not the Lister Layout.

A:\AX\!UTY\opus\dopus.exe  /cmd Prefs LAYOUT=opusUTY

The first command looks right (other than the extra space before the /, possibly), assuming the layout name is right.

Can you show us your list of layouts?

My opusUTY Lister Layout is in a folder called "Directory Paths". I had created the folder in Edit Layouts.