Opus 12.12.3 Beta and Metadata Updating

I am having a rather strange problem with the latest beta of Opus, in that it is not updating picture metadata fields on all occasions.

The problem manifests itself in two ways:

  1. I attempt to copy the picture metadata from one picture to another using a right mouse click and drag. The picture receiving the data flickers as normal, but the Info tips do not show the applied updates. The VB Macro that I use to view my picture metadata does not reflect the changes either.

If I quit Opus and start a new session, the copied metadata is there in both the Info Tips and my VB macro.

  1. I add keywords to my files by a series of buttons on a toolbar. The buttons all hold code similar to:

SetAttr META Tags:+wordtobeadded

The system worked flawlessly until recently. Now when I add the final tag (keyword) to my image, it does not appear in the Info Tip nor the VB macro.

However, if I quit Opus and start a new session the final tag is there.

Thanks for reporting this, it was related to the metadata cache introduced in the last beta. Please try 12.12.4 and see if it's fixed for you.

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Amazing response time, Jon. On initial testing this looks like a fix.

I will keep my eye on it and report back if the problem recurs.

Many thanks for the prompt fix.

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Hm, can't seem to find anything on the Metadata cache in the changelog. Does it simply store a copy of the metadata for files to make using / displaying metadata much quicker, similar to windows indexing?

Sorry it was added in 12.12.2, not .3.

Added a simple caching system to the metadata thread so that multiple queries for the same file in a short space of time will come out of the cache rather than re-reading the file every time. Should improve performance when the file display is showing metadata columns and label filters are also querying metadata.

It was added to address this issue: Label filter by "Movies" category columns

Got it, thanks!