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I saw in "Backup and Restore" export to USB, so i tried to do that and it wouldn't let me saying my license doesn't allow it. I searched all over, even on Google and found another forum saying the demo doesn't allow this feature, and the paid license only allows your 5 USB exports.

I have done no exports yet, and license manager has my details so i'm wondering if it may be seeing the old stockcert from when i first installed it?


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USB export is an optional extra. The licence manager should show something like below if you bought it.

If you want to add the USB export feature to your existing licence you can do so via the GPSoftware website:


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Oh ok thanks Leo, i thought a regular license allows us to create a portable copy. I looked all over and it really only said "You can copy Opus to a USB flash drive or memory card that you can carry around to use on other people's computers." nudel.dopus.com/opus9/page3.html#runfromusb

I may give it a miss, i like to have an emergency USB with the basics like Putty, CuteFTP, Notepad++, WinRar and my passwords in case i have to go fix mums computer or i'm away and my server goes down. Last year i only used it about 3 times, so not worth buying a license for.

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Meowski has a USB licence and takes a copy wherever she goes in case she has to work on another cat's computer. She won't tolerate Explorer! :slight_smile:

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HAHA cool, meowski has a branded USB stick.. i bet she even added shortcuts to her bed and food bowl to navigate there faster! :sunglasses:

On digging around the Opus main site, i found this bit i didn't know about:

So my single license i can use on my laptop as well as my desktop? That's pretty good, although strange my 1 license i can also put on my laptop and use daily but i can't put that license on a USB instead to use once in a blue moon.

I found the USB price too, the only place i could find it is go through the buy process again in a drop down. So for anyone searching all over like me it says:

1 Export License (+ $10)
2 Export License (+ $20)
5 Export License (+ $50)

Not as bad as i thought, when another license was mentioned i was thinking another $85 although still odd i can't opt to do a second USB version instead of my laptop under the single license.

The Dopus main site is still in the Load "*",8,1 days lol things can be hard to find.

Yeah, $10. I should've mentioned that, sorry! I think that's Australian dollars, too, which would make it about $7 US according to Google.

Changing Opus to be able to run from USB, and not modify the registry, took a lot of work and was assumed to only be wanted by a relative handful of people (who seemed to really want it) so I think that's why it costs a bit extra. OTOH, allowing an extra laptop install didn't cost any development time/effort.

Maybe there was also the worry that people might create lots of USB copies for their mates or something (though I guess that's no worse than people sharing their licence keys with their mates, so maybe not; I'm just guessing here, not speaking for GPSoftware).

I agree that the official site is a pain to navigate. I keep meaning to map out all the pages on the site and propose a new design but then I end up coding plugins instead. :slight_smile: Always the choice between improving the program and helping more people discover the program.

Before i purchased Opus, i looked for a coupon and found a valid one for $10 but it was only for US.. Doh that would of been a free USB install, but i'm from the home of GPSoftware and not US.

But the link did lead me to a nicer Dopus site, no domain name just an IP which is odd why it exists but it does look good.

I guess your right about the extra work and license sharing issues involved with a portable. $10 is fair, and i will treat myself to one on my birthday or christmas.. Maybe a cool branded one like Meowski, they only need to post mine down the road a few hours.

Speaking of introducing new people to Opus, i'm preparing a review on my site which gets 150k visits a month. I'm just learning more tricks/functions before i do. :wink:

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You can use http://www.directoryopus.com/ to go there now. That's the site of the US distributor for Opus, which I think is a fairly new arrangement/site. The numeric link was probably from before the DNS entry was set-up.


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Oh ok, yeah it seemed strange they were operating on an IP and there was no domain reference on the site.

Just another question about the portable license, if i buy 1 license does that mean 1 instance? For example, i put it on my 8GB USB and say a few months later i buy a 16GB can i transfer it to that and just re-input my certificate like the normal Opus.

Or does that mean once it goes on the device it's locked to it, and if that device dies or i get a bigger USB i need another license to put it on my new USB stick?

I'm thinking it's like normal Opus, we get a certificate and provided we keep that safe we can always run one instance if we update Hardware/USB.. But i could be wrong.

Thanks Leo.

BTW not sure if you're staff or just help out for free, but thanks so much for all your input on the forums almost everything i know about Opus has come from your posts. I'd be like a chimp in a Rubix Cube factory without them!

The USB licence works on the "honour system", at least in the current version. So if you lose or replace your USB key you can export Opus to another USB stick without any trouble. (If you still have the old USB stick then you're expected to delete the old copy, but Opus doesn't currently keep track of it.)

You don't have to re-input your certificate either, BTW. The USB export is run from a normal harddrive install of Opus -- so you need to install it normally on at least one machine -- and will copy your certificate and configuration to the USB stick automatically. You just click "Next" a few times, wait for the copy progress bar to finish, and then it's done.

:slight_smile: Glad to help.

Thanks again Leo, in that case i've added a portable Opus to my birthday wishlist. The reason i was concerned is i've gone from 1,2,4 now to an 8GB USB stick in 18 months as i like to upgrade when the price/storage justifies it.

So if it required a new Opus license each time it would really start to add up, however a one time payment is a good deal. After owning Opus for 2 weeks now, i could "never" use a PC with Windows Explorer again.

Hello I bought a 1 license for the U3 Version of Directory Opus for a 8 GB Flash drive. I Have since replaced it with a 16 GB flash drive. I always delete all my old files off my old flash drives before I give them away to friends that can use them.

When I first got the license for the U3 Version of Directory Opus it use to show up in the Menu on the U3 Drive. Now I have to mainly go to the directory of the flash drive and run the DOPUS.exe file to get the program to run. I have installed and uninstalled the U3 version as well as the main version of DO several times with no luck.

Any help would greatly be appreciated. It would be great to be able to go to the U3 Menu and select Directory Opus.

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Sorry to hear about your cat. :frowning: 28 is a good run but it's still horrible to lose them at any age.

With the U3/USB stuff, it sounds like Opus has done a standard USB export instead of a U3 export. When you're in the export wizard, if you've got a U3 device in then you should see two icons/drives for it, like this:

Make sure you select the drive with the U3 logo, not the other one. That's what tells Opus it should do a U3 export instead of a generic USB export.

forgive me for jumping into this thread, but i just noticed how cheap an export license is. never knew it was just $10. i guess i assumed it would be much higher...

will only export to actual removable media? if so, can it then be transferred to another device?

i reinstall windows a lot, and i get tired of installing Opus and importing my config every time. i use as many no-install apps as i can, and keep them on a separate drive so they can remain undisturbed when i reformat. would the export license allow me to do this with Opus?

Yes. It has to be removable and plugged in via USB, I believe. (Not sure if USB HDDs count or not.)

Only by doing another export. You can only export from a normal HDD install.

by 'transfer to another device' i mean do an export to a thumb drive, then simply copy/paste the files it exports to a non-removable drive.

No-can-do... You have to export to the device from which you will run the app. You can't then 'copy' that export to a different device.

I'm curious why you would go through the hassle of full blown re-installs so often though. There are a number of free drive image backup apps out there, as well as really good pay-ware. Why not install a base OS image, along with a few critical apps (such as Opus)? Re-importing your latest config backup is pretty trivial from there - no?

because i'm keeping up with the latest Windows 7 builds, and i only have one computer :slight_smile:

i suppose i could dual boot and use imaging, but i like using Windows 7... i can't wait till the retail release, especially with the new "XP Mode" they just announced

anyway yes, i assumed this was the case regarding portable installs. it makes sense from a security standpoint. but it sucks for users who are not interested in breaking copyright laws...