Opus sometimes freezes with 7-zip which works when Opus closes

Occasionally when I right click on a zip file and select 7-Zip to unzip it, Opus feezes and nothing happens. When I close Opus, 7-Zip's UI shows up. This happened several times but not every time. It also happens with other shell extensions like DOS Command Here & Everything. They show up only after I close Opus.

When you say Opus freezes, do you mean the window becomes unresponsive?

But you can still open another window and use that OK, or exit it via the taskbar (or similar)?

The issue is most likely another shell extension which is participating in context menus:

Snapshots of the process while the window is unresponsive may also reveal what's happening:

From the snapshot you sent, is your G-drive a Google File Stream drive by any chance?

Google File Stream has some major issues with freezes when converting path strings to IDL format, and this looks like it may be a manifestation of that issue.

It's an SSD drive on my machine.

Yes but are you running google file stream?

No. I even had to Google it to know what you're talking about!

Could you generate some more process snapshots and send them to us? It's possible the one snapshot we have isn't indicative of where the problem is, or is sending us down the wrong path. Making 5 or so is best, and if you compress them with 7z solid compression, the archive should still be fairly small.

A Process Monitor log of what happens when the context menu goes wrong may also reveal some details. (Only one of those is needed. If you generate one, please let us know which file/path was right-clicked, so we know what to look for.)