Password Protection

How do I password protect the folder options and preferences in directory opus? is there a plug in?

The only part of the configuration with an explicit password protection is the FTP site list passwords.

If you're just trying to guard against accidental changes, creating a config backup would be the best way. Or you could change the permissions on the config files so that they are read-only.

On a multi-user machine, each user can have their own private config files, if that is the problem you're trying to solve.

Okay, thanks. which files specifically would i change to read only? I assume its something in application data. thank you for your help. One more question though, is there a way to save the folder settings on a per folder basis, and by folder settings i mean view type, like list, large icons, small icons, etc... and folder position, the specific window size of the lister. I noticed that it will save these settings but it will effect every folder. thanks again.

These two FAQs should answer those questions (if not shout):
[ul][li]Back-up or locate your Opus configuration (Advanced)
[li]Understand and configure Folder Formats[/li][/ul](Yep, you can have special formats for specific folders.)

thank you. those links took care of all my questions but one, and that is window positioning. by window positioning i mean the restore button. i was able to get it to update the size and position when i close, but it will be the same for every lister opened.

Folder formats don't store window position, but Layouts do.

If you want an icon on your desktop that opens a specially positioned window showing a particular folder:
[ul][li]Set up the window how you want it.[/li]
[li]Use Settings -> Lister Layouts -> Save This Lister.[/li]
[li]Open Settings -> Preferences / Listers / Layouts.[/li]
[li]Drag the named layout you just created from the list to your desktop to create a shortcut to it.[/li][/ul]
You can also create layouts which remember multiple windows, or bind them to hotkeys instead of shortcuts, etc.