Prevent DO from Calculating the folder size for a particular drive


I would like to be able to stop DO from calculating the folder sizes certain fixed disks.

I can find the setting to turn it on or off, but see no way of turning it off for certain drives.

Is this possible some how, or just the way it is ?

Many thanks


The global preferences setting can be overridden by folder formats, which allows you to override it for particular folders or drives.

Thanks for the reply Leo,

I have read the linked documents and looked through all the options available, but still don't see how I can do what I was asking ?

Can you give me a clue as to where the option is to turn off the folder size calculating for a specific drive ?



On the options tab of the folder format there is a Get Folder Sizes dropdown.

It's discussed around the middle of the faq on calculating folder sizes.

Ah ! thanks :thumbsup: