Program error on right click

I finished installing Windows 10 Build 1803 and all updates are installed. A strange situation with Directory Opus version 12.14 occurs. When I right click on a drive in a tree or an icon it get a fatal error: The error (oxc000005) occurred in thread 0x0007FF927EE9D, The program restarrs regardless of whether I choose to terminate the thread. A similar error occurred whe I right clicked on any file whose association had not been set explicitly,m for example mp4 were designated to my video viewere.

The strange aspect is that this problem only occurs when I am logged in as the Administrator. Directory Opus behaves properly when I log on to an regular user account with administrator privileges in which UAC is turned off.The computer is an AMD Threadripper 2, Asrock Taichi motherboard, with 64 GB ram. This a newly built computer andt it was a clean install of Windows 10 Pro . I have already implemented the FAQ for errors when right clicking. The operation that arose when I ran dbgview.exe is "Print", and the CLSID for it apparently is turning off the printer spooler service, which would be unacceptable.

I have been using DO at least since version 8 and do not want to forego using it. This program but is not a big deal, because Windows File Explorer works properly when I right click on a drive. Nevertehless, it would be nice to always use DO.

Thanks for any assistance.

Please try the current beta version (12.14.2) and see if you still get this behavior.

Beta 14.12.2 did not correct this error, It continues to behave properly in the regular account with administrator privileges,

Can you please follow the instructions here to see if any crash dumps have been created, and send them to us as explained on that page? Thanks.

Thanks for sending the dump files. After a quick look it seems like a program called "File Renamer Turbo" may be involved. If you have this installed you could try uninstalling it (or see if its context menu handler can be disabled) and see if it makes a difference.

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I sent a message via e-mail approximately 18 hours ago. It contained three dump files after I disabled the questionable program. (I used e-mail because I did not see how to attach files in this forum.) The right-click error continued, even in safe mode. I wonder if your received the message, and if so, if you have any further recommendations?

No we only received the original 4 dump files (although that message came twice, the dumps were the same both times).

How did you disable the program in question?

My usual e-mail is Thunderbird as POP3 on my laptop, which allows me to access all correspondence wherever I am. For this correspondence.I am using Windows 10 Mail app on the new computer so I can easily access DO and the dump files. Consequently, I cannot find the message I will send the latest dump files in a moment. I completely uninstalled File Renamer Turbo, then rebooted, first to Safe Mode, then to Normal Mode. Right-click error continues to occur.I did not expect removal of FRT would fix the problem because it was installed when I tested whether the the effor occurs in a regular account with Admin privileges. For this reason my guess is that the problem is related to some policy setting unique to the Administrator account.

The instructions here have other things you can try which often help track down the component causing context menus to crash:

Just to let you know we still haven't received the additional dump files.