Reluctant icons

I have a DOpus lister that I use as an alternative to the Windows desktop (running under Win XP). The lister is in explorer mode, with a directory tree on the left, and contents of a folder on the right. The folder is in icon view, and contains some 40 icons, mostly shortcuts to various applications.

When the folder first comes up after rebooting the PC, it typically shows only a few of the icons --- it's as if the others are shy and reluctant to make an appearance. That folder can sit there for several minutes after the PC seems to have finished rebooting, and the icons continue to hide. But they're there, and to get them to pop up, I run the cursor over the region where they're hiding.

This is more a puzzle than a problem. Is there any property of a specific folder, or any setting in DOpus that might affect it?

I just noticed the same thing with 'thumbnails' as opposed to 'icon' view. What's more - it seems to be a problem specifically with 'starting' up a lister in one of these view modes rather than 'switching' the view mode in an active lister currently using some other view (say... details, my normal mode).

For instance, I have a saved layout that opens the active tab to 'My Documents' along with 4 additional tabs to various other folders. After opening a new lister using this layout, I switched the view mode from 'details' to that of a 'Style' I have defined with view mode set to thumbnails (128x128), the viewer pane enabled, and the folder tree turned off. I re-saved my layout with this style selected, closed the lister, opened a new lister by double-clicking the desktop, and lo and behold I see the same problem as you.

For what it's worth... my style has the viewer pane docked across the bottom of the lister; so my file display is shown as a side-scrolling horizontal part of the window. If I mouse over a folder icon I know should be there (say the third icon in...) everything to the RIGHT of what I've moused over 'appears'... while everything to the left remains 'hidden'.

Thanks for the reply -- it's comforting to think that it's more than some quirk on my setup.

The behavior you see sounds very similar. Thumbnails and icons have in common that they can both be a bit more graphics intensive.

Once the icons are out in my lister, they stay out, no matter how many times I switch to/from the lister. Since I rarely close that lister, I generally see the issue only when I reboot the PC.