Revisiting Opus patch into Save as Dialogue

Have now bought a couple of licences.

But I stiil cant use my two main applications Word and MindManager to patch into the save as dialgue box and predefined folders as target destination.

In Word Save as I have History, My documents, Desktop Favorites and My Network Places.

If I click on Favorites, all i see are links to Desktop and Local disk.

Can anyone help and tell me
a) where do I create my folders (or links to them ) so I can save the document.
b) when i am in my application and invoke the save as dialgue , where should I see the favorites

This is driving me crazy.
I tried adding favorites from the dopus favorite menu . They show up there but not in the save as dialgue bax.


I'm not really following what you're trying to do for sure, nor am I familiar with MindManager. However depending upon your version of your version of Windows, and perhaps Word, you may be able to configure your "save as" dialog quick locations, by adding them to "My Places". Doing that is easy, and has nothing to do with Opus. In the Word save as dialog box look in the upper right hand corner for "Tools". Click that and you can add or delete locations to the left side of the save as dialog box.

If you do not see the "Tools" button in the save as dialog box, you can still customize the locations however it involves some registry tweaking. Plus the Windows powertoy TweakUI also offers way to customize your favorite locations.

If you've installed Pascal Hurni's DOpus Favorites shell extension then you should see a DOpus Favorites item below the Desktop in the Save-As dialogs. Within that you'll find sub-folders for the different things which the shell extension can expose (Favorites, Smart Favorites, Recents and Aliases), as well as a flat view of whichever items you've chosen to put in the root DOpus Favorites folder.

You can change what's put in the root level, as well as icons and some other stuff, via the config dialog you get by right-clicking the DOpus Favorites icon on the Desktop and selecting properties.

Thank you v. much John and Nudel. I think I am geeting the hang of it now.
Haven't been able to try yet beacasue I am backing up. So I am not 100% sure yet.

I like the overall programme. For reognising files and folders. Especially file collections. Was hoping they could be colour coded, but haven't been able to find a way yet.

Some small steps to progress.

Thank you


Is this any use for colour coding?

[Color Folder Icons)

Thanks Nudel.

I am just wondering how this is installed as it looks as if it could be very useful for me.

Have been thru the tutorials, very helpful!


How what's installed? (Or do you mean you're not wondering anymore?) The colour folder icons I linked don't need anything special installed, but if you want to change all icons by default, instead of a few specific folders, then that's different.

Thanks Nudel.

I was referring to the installation of the icon package for customising folder colours.

So I am still wondering or more specifically I don't know how to "install" the pacakge to chnage folder colours.


There's nothing to install. Icon customizing (for individual folders) is built into Windows and Opus supports the same system. You just need to follow the steps listed on the download page below the screenshot of the folder icons.

Not sure which version of Windows added the customize tab in Preferences. It might be a Windows XP only thing but maybe it's been there for a while, I don't know for sure.

You only get the Customize tab in the Properties dialog for a folder if it's a normal folder (not Desktop or anything special like that) and you have write-access to it (you can't customize a folder that you cannot write to).

Thanks Nudel

I'll give higher priority to the other problems i am expereincing, this colouring functionality is a luxury noiw.