Save current folder format with over-ride?

In the Folder Options dialog, I can Save the current folder format in three ways:

1. for this folder only (effect is obvious)

2. for this folder and all sub-folders (effect surprised me, since this format does not over-ride any existing formats applied to sub-folders)

3. for all folders (from the root down; on all drives?; like #2 does not over-ride existing formats; a drastic move -- hitting this by accident could prove very inconvenient)

Q1: Am I correct about these different behaviors?

Q2: Is there a way to force option 2 to over-ride (i.e., delete) all existing formats for sub-folders? I can also CLEAR for this folder, or for all, but not for just the sub-folders. Going to the list in Preferences and finding all the sub-folders, and then deleting them one at a time (can't multi-select), can be very time-consuming. (I guess I'm requesting a fourth option: "for this folder and over-ride all sub-folders".)

Also, I would recommend providing a bit more explicit info in the UI to clarify the behavior of the three choices. E.g., "For this folder and all sub-folders (no over-ride)."



Those 3 look like correct interpretations of what happens.

Folder formats are inherently complex, because people want to do complex things with them. The best thing to do is understand how the system works, which is explained in depth in the Folder Formats: Detailed Guide. Changing it to simplify one use case will only complicate another, in general.

Also, when choosing the 3rd option, you are asked if you want to delete all existing formats or just update the main default format, leaving overrides as they are. (Step-by-step screenshots are shown in the Folder Formats: Quick Guide if you want to see the message without risk of changing anything.)

Thanks for all the beautifully organized info. Much appreciated.

Apparently the dialog (asking to delete existing formats or leave overrides as they are) only appears if I choose either of the ALL save options. Since I'm already a few levels down from the root, I don't want to use ALL. I just want to clear all the Path Formats BELOW the current folder. If that dialog were present for the 2nd option, I'd be able to do this. But I certainly could be missing something . . .

On a related note, with my recent empirical forays into the folder format mechanism, there are now quite a few Path Formats in the Preferences list that I would love to remove. But I definitely don't wish to do anything as drastic as to discard everything. Am I correct that the only way to do this is to select, delete, and confirm, one at a time?

One at a time is the only way the UI offers. The config files are XML so you could edit them (while Opus isn't running) if that's an easier way to remove all but a few formats. They're stored under /dopusdata/Formats in

That was easy -- I just set the .off filetype to UltraEdit and added C:\ProgramData\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Formats to my Favorites.

Another thanks!

(I'm really just trying to get you to 30,000.)